Oral Steroids

Part 1

Below we are going to talk about the best oral steroids and the most effective types of oral steroids currently on the market, We won’t mention injectable anabolic steroids here as they will be covered in another article.

First off when talking about oral steroids we need to know what you are planning to use and what your goals are.

Are you dieting/cutting? Are you wanting to gain a lot of muscle mass or are you wanting to do a lean bulk?

Let’s start off with a good one anavar

Anavar is a great anabolic steroids for so many different reasons! It can be used by men and or women, and it can also be used when losing fat or when building muscle! It is one of the safest anabolic steroids out there and offers a whole range of potential health benefits.

As well as promoting lean muscle gain it also has FAT burning properties and is great for removing “hard” to get rid of fat.

The next positive thing about anavar is it capable of helping with healing, YES it raises collagen and can help heal nagging injuries it is also an amazing drug for helping with arthritis, I’ve seen people go from constant pain to LITTERALLY pain free while using anavar it really is on my list of the best oral steroids for a VERY good reason as you can see here.

Anavar can be used in a lot of different cycles too I’ll give you a few examples below!

One of the best steroids anavar can be used in for a lean bulk is the typical testosterone anavar cycle

Anavar will be ran for 10weeks at 100mg daily (for a male)

And testosterone will be run for 12 weeks at 500mg every 5 days.

This tends to lead to (if the diet followed is correct) a good amount of muscle mass around 15lbs of muscle mass with a body fat reduction of at least 5-6%.

Basically you look EXTREMELY good to say the very least! I highly recommend this for those of you wanting to build lean muscle gains.

Now if you want to diet the same cycle above is just as good the only difference would be the amount of cardio you’d do and obviously your diet would be in a calorie defect.

Anavar probably isn’t the best drug to use on a really advanced bulking cycle because it’s not made for that, it’s made to give you GOOD hard quality steady gains or help with fat loss and keeping muscle mass.

But there is plenty of other anabolics you can add

Who can forget the Testosterone, anavar, masteron cycle that is loved by many! I’ve seen this cycle used in guys who have dropped to 6% body fat and look as ripped as you can imagine, Forget 6 pac abs I’m talking about a full 8 pac and washboard like looks.

Obviously there is a lot of other ways to use this anabolic steroid.

For female users who might often try an anavar only cycle I recommend 10mg anavar for 10 weeks to start with if everything goes well and you eat correctly 5 to 8lbs of muscle mass with a reduction of 4-5lbs of fat is quite common, this will give you a DRASTIC body composition, ive seen girls go upto 20 with little to no problems just be aware if you sing it can effect the voice slightly.

Part 2

Oral steroids have 3 different rules of thoughts among most people. The first is: I’m too scared to inject so I’ll take an oral only, it’s safer anyway! This unfortunately is untrue, it makes you look an idiot as well.

Not only are Oral steroids harsher on the liver (in general) they are also not as good for giving you long lasting gains that you can keep as easy.

Now the other train of thought about oral steroids is that they are absolutely useless and offer no benefits and you should inject and inject only, this again, is silly in a very different way.

Finally the last school of thought is the correct and educated one.

This school of thought is that Oral steroids can be used as a great add on to an anabolic steroid cycle or as a kick start.

For example, let’s say we plan to do a test and deca cycle dosage of 300 mg for 22 weeks.

We could add in dianabol for 6-8 weeks in the beginning to see gains as quickly as the FIRST day of usage, this is an excellent way to really build muscle mass, by week 6 to 8, we’d no longer need the dianabol in us to continue seeing these “gains” so we’d move on.

Likewise another anabolic steroid cycle would be, let’s say we were cutting on a tren/testosterone cycle for 12 weeks. We’d add in anavar for the first 8 weeks to give us an extra “boost” of fat burning (anavar is proven to use fat cells for energy) a long with adding a nice amount of muscle mass while keeping the strength on a very strict calorie restricted diet.

All of these things are essential if we wish to build a great and fantastic body and they are also the correct usage of oral steroids.

A lot of people ask me what the best steroids to take orally are and I separate it into two categories usually a bulking category and cutting, sometimes I go one step further by adding a “lean mass” category.

Bulking agents would include

Dianabol and anadrol as the top two bulking oral steroids in my honest opinion.

Remember it’s common for guys to add up to 2lbs PER day for the first 3 weeks on an anadrol cycle (this is not for the weak at heart or a novice steroid user)

For cutting we have anavar, turinabol also known as t-bol and winstrol tabs.

I am not a huge fan of winstrol but I know a ton of you are.

The goal is to stack your steroids correctly and make sure you find out what works the best for you.

Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our mini series on Oral steroids

In part 1 we focused heavily on Anavar

In part 2 we focused heavily on Dianabol

In part 3 we are going to focus extremely heavily on Anadrol!

Yes the most powerful anabolic steroid known to man, loved by power lifters world wide, and strong men well they eat this in their breakfast like cereal! But jokes aside, there is actually a lot more to anadrol than meets the eye! And I’m going to actually tell you how it can STILL have an important role for the bodybuilder.

Yes, despite it being known for adding up to 100lbs to your squat in 4 weeks (yes it is that powerful) 80lbs to the bench is commonly seen. We also know it does bloat, BUT, wait there is a big BUT here. Anadrol is fantastic for doing something else too. Do you want to know what that is? It’s building muscle mass.

It’s common to put up to 2-3lbs of weight on PER day while using anadrol

Yes. I am being serious there too!

Before I go anymore in depth on the powers of Anadrol I’ll first tell you where you can buy it from and also any other anabolic steroid you could possibly be interested in!

You can buy anadrol from the link directly below

Now why is Anadrol good for a bodybuilder? While it might bloat you at first, after 4 weeks of usage when you discontinue, but continue using testosterone and deca you will notice that you have BUILT a tremendous amount of muscle mass, the water will drop off you (around 12lbs of water) but you’ll see Oh hey I built 25lbs of muscle mass during that time.

You will notice your strength is INSANELY high and you will look incredibly muscular once you go on your next cutting stage.

I know guys who put on 50lbs total over the course of 22 weeks using this and then cut off 10lbs of fat or so and look beyond incredible!

I highly recommend anadrol.

A famous cycle is the common anadrol testosterone and deca cycle

This is probably the best anadrol cycle in my honest opinion for building muscle mass as I explained above, you need to be an ADVANCED steroid user to even consider using Anadrol. If you’re not it’s honestly completely idiotic and pointless. It’s for the guy who has got about 10 or more cycles under his belt, is already at a GREAT body fat percentage and knows he just needs to go to that extra level.

It’s not for the kids or anyone who is uneducated and just wants to get big fast, because to be frank the only thing that will happen is you’ll get FAT fast.

Also be realistic and don’t push yourself insane on it so you get an injury, train smart, train safe, and look GREAT!

Part 4

Welcome to our next article in this mini series about oral steroids.

So far we have discussed anavar, Dianabol and of course Anadrol.

Today we plan to discuss in full details T-bol or turinabol, or even turanabol it has a few different names but it is the same thing.

It was originally made to counter act Dianabol, Ie one that would not lead to “water gains” but just give you lean mass. Unfortunately what they got was a COMPLETELY different drug to Dianabol, but still an extremely powerful one that can be used in so many different ways.

Before we go any further I’d like to point out where you can purchase T-bol, turinabol, turanabol etc online you can buy it directly from the link below.

T-bol is a great anabolic steroid that can be used on a lean bulking cycle, or can be used in a cutting cycle.

Below is a good cutting cycle.

Testosterone Ran for 16 weeks at 500mg every 5 days.

Turinabol at 60mg daily for 8 weeks

And Masteron run for 10 weeks at 600mg

The cycle above will give you some lean gains while promoting fat loss, I’d highly recommend adding in some Clen to make this cycle even more effective. Your goal should be to drop as much body fat as humanly possible if you want to look great. The masteron will tighten the skin and give you a “hard” look. The testosterone will allow you to hold onto as much muscle mass as possible.

While t-bol will promote some muscle gains and fat loss, while on a calorie defect diet, the clen will increase your metabolism to burn even more fat and you should be aiming to drop 2-3lbs per week. While holding onto or possibly building more muscle mass.

Now on a bulking cycle you can actually run a very similar cycle of

Testosterone Ran for 16 weeks at 500mg every 5 days.

Turinabol at 60mg daily for 8 weeks

And some like to add in Tren.

This is an ADVANCED lean bulking cycle where the goal should be to add 20lbs of muscle mass and maybe drop 5-6lbs and look completely fantastic, IE washboard abs and ripped to the core.

Turinabol can be used for so many different purposes it’s truly an amazing drug, it is great for arthritic pain and clearing up the skin also.

I don’t rate it as high as anavar for healing properties, but it is still an extremely powerful anabolic steroid, it is very cheap, at least in my opinion, and some people prefer it on a bulk to Dianabol due to it not giving as much “water weight.” It is also fantastic, and I mean this, fantastic, for building lean muscle mass, tons of powerlifters. Olympic lifters and of course MMA/BOXERS/MARTIAL ARTISTS/WRESTLERS or anyone who competes in a weight class absolutely love this!

Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of our mini series on oral steroids, this one is about Oral tren.

This one is a harder one to do than any of the other steroids. Why? Because while I absolutely love INJECTABLE Tren, I cannot say the same for oral tren. It will give you some ridiculously powerful results, IE 15-20lbs of muscle gain with ridiculous fat loss 10+lbs. The problem to me personally is… Well, to be frank, it is extremely liver toxic and unsafe, especially compared to its injectable counter part which I feel gives you more bang for your buck anyway.

Alas but before I go any further I will point you in the direction of where you can buy oral tren online.

Remember too, you can buy ANY other anabolic steroid known to man by the link below.

Anyway let’s look at what oral tren can do.

One it stops your body from breaking down muscle and using it for energy. This allows you to HOLD on to a lot more muscle mass which, in turn, leads your body to the breakdown of fatty acids instead leading to dramatic FAT loss.

Its ability to promote muscle building is also fantastic, it is 5 times more anabolic than testosterone and that certainly does take some work doesn’t it?

Its ability for healing and recovery are also extremely high.

I recommend boxers, martial artists, and any type of fighter, or anyone who relies on “high stamina” to be cautious with tren as it is not ideal for the cardio vascular system or fighters. It is ideal for bodybuilders and powerlifters due to the vast amount of strength it adds to the frame while cutting body fat, meaning you are stronger at your current weight class or much bigger.

Again some like to use oral tren for 6 weeks in the following cycle

Testosterone for 12 weeks at 1 gram weekly.

Tren would be ran for the 6 weeks.

This cycle can be used as a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle.

The only difference would be the amount of calories you find yourself eating per day.

If you want to bulk, eat more high quality calories, I’d aim for 4000-5000 per day.

While on a cut you want to really strip down. If the goal is to burn fat so you need to find out what works for you and what will lead you to get the best muscle gains and best fat loss results.

Again oral tren is an extremely powerful steroid hence why it is on the list of oral steroids.

I hope you found this a helpful article and it is able to help you achieve your goals.

Part 6

What are the best? Well this is a good question.

For bulking I’d say the following






For cutting




Turinabol or t-bol as it’s known



These are just basic tips and advice be sure to use a good LIVER product when using oral steroids. While I do feel the toxicity levels they claim are quite ludicrous and ridiculous (metformin is just as toxic) and is used by diabetis all year round too might I add! It’s good to use some other products to keep things in line.

Oral steroids are usually toxic to the liver. Without your liver, you will die really fast. Toxicity varies from steroid to steroid, some have safe limits but a liver supplement such as Liv-52, Silymarin are recommended to be taken along with those. Anavar is low toxic and Dianabol is highly toxic, Turinabol, Primobol, etc.

Again I personally like stacking ORAL steroids with injectable steroids

For example a good fat loss cycle could be

Testosterone ran for 16 weeks

Masteron ran for 10 weeks

Anavar 8 weeks

And clen ran with a 2 week on 2 week off throughout the cycle

This should show some dramatic fat loss and some good gains in muscle mass.

Now a bulking cycle on the other hand might look like this

Week 1-18 testosterone

Week 1-16 Deca

Week 1-6 Dianabol

The above cycle will great improve the amount of muscle fibres activated and recruited during a workout and you will build a ton of muscle!

These are basic cycles obviously. There tends to be 2-3 mind sets when it comes to oral steroids we have the “they are completely useless mind set” we also have the “I’m scared of needles so I’ll only do oral” mind set and finally, the ones who are educated enough to know that by mixing orals and injectables you will get the best results possible to really change your body, train safe, and build muscle mass fast and quick.

Again this article isn’t as long as many but I feel I got most of my points out.

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