What To Expect From A Tbol Cycle

We often feel that oral steroids such as Turinabol and TBOL don’t get enough credit.

There is a lot of talk on the internet about Anavar being the most friendly steroid and Anadrol as the best bulking agent.

Few people mention the TBol cycle.

It is quite remarkable considering it is a well-tolerated compound that was part of the East German doping system that dominated the Olympics for more than two decades.

Turinabol is a combination of Clostebol and Methandrostenolone, which are both anabolic androgenic substances. It has very unique characteristics.

Turinabol is a safer alternative to Dianabol, as it doesn’t aromatize and has a lower risk of side effects. It also does not have a strong androgenic rating.

It borrows many of the positive traits from Dianabol which makes it an excellent choice for bulks and cuts.

Here’s what to expect when you start your first TBOL cycle if you haven’t used Turinabol before.

Tbol Week 2: Increased endurance
You will see an improvement in your workouts after a few weeks. It is easier to recover after intense, marathon-length workouts.

For example, you are ready to get in a workout after your legs have been slashed. You can train 6 days per week, without needing to rest.

This trait is especially desirable for athletes, as it allows them unrestricted training for weeks before the competition.

This is the most common effect of TBOL before any other.

Pumps from Turinabol Week 2
You’ll notice a difference in your muscles after the second week. You’ll notice a lasting effect on your pumps, even outside the gym.

It can get so bad that it becomes unbearable and debilitating for some users.

If they do happen, the painful back and calf pump usually occur at the end of the 6-7-week cycle. You can still do a TBOL cycle. To reduce the pain, you can mix some taurine and the compound.

Enjoy your pumps while they last.

Strength gains – Week 2 and beyond
TBOL will help you lift weights faster, as well as improve endurance and quicker recovery. You won’t see the same dramatic strength gains as Anadrol or Dianabol.

You can expect to gain at least 1 lb. Your compound lifts will be complete by the end of your cycle.

It’s possible to keep most of your strength gains if you do a PCT, eat a little more than maintenance, and lift hard until you are ready for a new cycle.

Vascularity starting at Tbol – Week 3
Turinabol is able to stand out from its larger brother in this area. Turinabol adds a degree of dryness to your muscles and vascularity. This is not the Dianabol-filled balloon muscles.

You should notice your veins starting to pop out by week 2. The vascularity of the body will increase significantly by week 3 and 4.

There is nothing crazy about Masteron or Equipoise. It is enough to make people notice.

Turinabol’s Lean Muscle Mass – Week 1
Turinabol is very similar to other mass-gaining steroids. You will gain lean muscle mass by increasing your RBC, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis.

The biggest difference between Dianabol and Turinabol is how fast you gain muscle, water, and glycogen.

Dianabol will give you a lot of energy for the first three weeks, and then it will stop working. You will lose 75% to 15% of the water, glycogen and energy you gained during the cycle.

TBOL works in a similar way. However, you won’t get as much water from TBOL as Dianabol. You will notice a greater reduction in water loss and more dry skin. You will still lose a little water. You will gain quality, lean muscle mass.

This is one the best qualities of the compounds. It can be used for several weeks by athletes without making them look fat. It doesn’t make you drink a lot, so it won’t cause your blood pressure to go up.

Turinabol can only be purchased in UG labs. Schering, the pharmaceutical giant, acquired rights to the drug. However, production was never restarted. If you have noticed a lot of water in your gains after buying TBOL from an unreliable UG lab, it is likely that you were ripped off with DBOL.

Turinabol is not known to cause excessive bloat.

Tbol mood enhancement – Week 1 and beyond
This is one our favorite characteristics of Dianabol and Turinabol. This gives you an ‘alpha’ feeling of aggression and aggression when you enter the gym.

It makes a huge difference in your workouts. It also keeps you happy throughout your anabolics cycles.

Some people report feeling lethargy during their cycle. It is not clear what causes lethargy.

Some people attribute it to a stressed out liver. However, this is a guess at best.

TUDCA should be added to your cycle if you’re using a 17CAA oral. If you feel that it helps to alleviate the lethargy, then do so.

The ideal length of a Turinabol cycle
It is a matter of great debate as to how long Turinabol should be run.

It has been used for short 5-week cycles of 80mg/day and for longer 10-week cycles of 50mg/day.

We have found that short cycles are the most effective as they offer the greatest return on our investment. The gains tend to plateau after week 5-6.

We’ve also noticed that side effects become more difficult to manage after week 6.

Some users may find that TBol can cause blood pressure problems and nosebleeds become more frequent after week 6.

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