Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Best Boxing Steroids

This is a question I’ve got asked a lot lately from competitive boxers, what I believe the best anabolic boxing steroids for a boxer to take would be.

Well, first off we care about anabolics that improve performance for obvious reasons, it’s no longer about muscle building, it’s about recovering faster and improving striking power, physical speed, stamina, endurance, and the ability to fight quicker, harder, and for longer.

So now we’ve got that out of the way as I understand many of you are also in weight classes obviously, it’s even more important that it’s not something that is going to cause a dramatic amount of bloat and or problems like this.

The first one on the list is Anavar

Anavar is a fantastic anabolic steroid for burning fat and building muscle, it is great for improving RECOVERY and I mean dramatically improving recovery, you will never see a lot of muscle gain from it, especially on a boxer’s calorie intake and cardio requirements.

However by using Anavar, you expect to see a further loss in fat, while building some lean muscle, so while you may lose 4-5lbs of fat, and gain 4-5lbs of muscle staying the same weight, you will be much stronger, faster, explosive, better endurance, better stamina, and fitter than if you were the same weight.

The next item on the list is Clen

While not an anabolic steroid it is the best FAT burner around especially when you draw close to your fight, but it is also a fantastic ENERGY booster, it gives people a ridiculous amount of energy runners have been able to shorten their running time by up to 5-6 minutes on a 5-mile run (this is Olympic level runners too) sprinters commonly knock 6-7 seconds again the same level of athletes in the Olympics.

As you can see for a boxer this can have tremendous effects. You’re in the 8th round and your opponent is wheezing, you are still able to keep going with the simple pressure you can continue to put on them gaining points knocking him down, or possibly out. Would be most certain to win you the fight.

Again, there are other anabolic steroids, so if you are in the heavyweight division or plan to go up in weight using anabolic steroids such as testosterone would also be ideal to see a DRAMATIC increase in endurance, strength, size, and muscle mass. Along with all the other positive aspects mentioned above, feel free to add in Anavar with it to get an even further boost, I’d also be tempted to recommend items such as cheque drops for extra aggression beforehand.

Again, these are just some examples of the best boxing steroids! Many people have their own opinions but all tend to agree on the ones I’ve given you there. Why? Because they work! That’s why.

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