Legal Anadrole and Its Alternatives: How to Buy Anadrol in the UK

What Is Anadrol?

Anadrol is basically a commercial name for the chemical Oxymetholone and its chemical formula is C12H32O3. It is a very powerful anabolic steroid used for increasing performance efficiency. It is a DHT-derived steroid that survives oral ingestion mainly because of the alteration of the 17 carbon position of the steroid. Since it is a 17 Alpha Alkylated steroid it passes through the liver without causing any damage to it. This property has made the production of Andarol pills much more compatible and commercially feasible as compared to steroids which can only be injected into veins.

What to Expect from Anadrol?

Anadrol is a combination drug. This means it is a highly anabolic and moderately androgenic drug which is further attributed to the strength offered by the drug. The drug was initially introduced in 1960 for the treatment of people suffering from several types of anemia and other weight loss diseases. Later users found many other alternative uses of the medicine which were much more appealing to them. It was found that a controlled cycle of Anadrol can help a person gain as much as 25 pounds in as little as 6 weeks. Many athletes also observed that there was a huge improvement in their endurance, stamina, and performance when they took an intravenous or oral dosage of the steroid. They preferred using steroids during their bulk cycles in order to gain as much mass as possible. You can expect a lot of improvement in your strength, weight, buildability, and stamina as you take a controlled dosage of Anadrol.

How to Use Anadrol

Anadrol is available in many forms in the market. Commercially it is sold in the form of Anadrol pills, injections, and also as Anadrol liquid. You can choose the form which you can administer conveniently and is easily available to you. It is very important to note that you should not take steroids without consulting a medical practitioner or expert fitness trainer. They know best how much quantity of steroids should be taken by you and in what quantity. When you take the drug under expert guidance, the chances of fatal side effects due to drug abuse are reduced by many folds. So before you buy any form of steroids online or from a supplier it will be best to consult a medical practitioner.

Android pill bottles have thirty pills per bottle. It is generally prescribed to take 2 pills per day with water approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. Taking the steroid empty stomach is very important in order to get the full effects of the pill. Similarly, medical practitioners will prescribe the amount of liquid or injection that can be taken before breakfast. The administration of Anadrol should be accompanied by a balanced diet and a proper workout regime.

How Does Anadrol Work?

Anadrol mainly increases the red blood cells of the body which further improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the body. Improved oxygen-carrying capacity helps in reducing the fatigue and pain caused during intense workout sessions. It further helps in improving endurance and stamina building and boosts the performance efficiency of the person. If you go for a long workout session then Anadrol can be of great help in surviving the entire session.

Ingredients of Anadrol

The active ingredient of Anadrol is Oxymetholone steroid and each tablet of Anadrol contains 50 mg of Oxymetholone Steroid. A few brands even sell Anadrol with 25 mg of Oxymetholone, but it has been found not very effective in producing overall results. Oxymetholone is an anabolic and androgenic drug responsible for the performance-enhancing and stamina-building effects of Anadrol.

Other inactive ingredients used in the composition of the pill are lactose, povidone, magnesium stearate, and starch. All these ingredients help in stabilizing the chemical steroids and increasing their shelf life. In order to combat the powerful effect of the pill, a high-calorie and protein diet should be taken by the user.

Benefits of Anadrol

There are many benefits of the Anadrol steroid which have helped it to climb the ladder of success in the commercial markets. Athletes, bodybuilders, sportspeople playing competitive sports, and even models in glamour world have found the usage of this steroid very effective and helpful. Some of the benefits of oral or intravenous administration of the drug are discussed below:

  • It is a fast-acting steroid: Even after being orally ingestible steroid, it is a fast-acting steroid. You will not have to wait for weeks or months to see the desired results after the consumption of Anadrol. It is fast-acting and noticeable changes will be seen in one week. As soon as you start the cycle it will kick off in your system to produce the necessary changes.
  • It is effective at low and moderate dosages: The best part about taking Anadrol for gaining mass and muscles is that it is effective even at low and moderate dosages. You don’t need to go for a very high dosage for improving your performance efficiency, endurance, and stamina. Very high dosages of certain drugs can eventually lead to drug abuse and fatal side effects. When you are taking a low dosage there is less chance that the body gets used to it and leads to drug abuse.
  • It is a strong steroid: Andarol is one of the most powerful steroids available on the market. Even new users have observed a gain of 20 to 30 pounds in the initial month of use. Though most of the weight gained in the initial months is due to water retention but with progressive use you will see increase in muscle mass, bone weight and over all bulk of the body. It can be the main reason that Anadrol is effective even at the low and moderate dosages and you don’t need to take a high dosage
  • Works well with other steroids: Anadrol has low androgen binding characteristics and it is the reason that it works equally effectively even in combination with other steroids like Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Deca Durabolin. These drugs do not interfere with the working of the steroid or cause any other side effects in combination.
  • Increases red blood cells in the body: Anadrol is widely used in treating patients suffering from anemia and other such diseases. It helps in increasing the red blood cells of the person. This boost in the quantity of red blood cells further helps in increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and thus plays a crucial role in improving the immunity, endurance, and stamina of the person.
  • Improves appetite of the person: Another benefit of Anadrol is that it improves the appetite of the person. People taking a controlled dosage of Anadrol will see a considerable improvement in their appetite. You will feel like eating food and when you make a healthy selection of protein, vitamins, and mineral-rich diet, it will automatically lead to the building of muscle and bulk in the body.
  • Improves protein synthesis and nitrogen retention capacity of the body: Another benefit of Anadrol is that improves the protein synthesis capacity of the body by many folds. It can also retain much more nitrogen from the food as compared to before taking the medicine. Improved capacity of protein synthesis and retaining nitrogen leads to the formation of new and lean muscles. It also helps in the quick repair of wear and tear in the muscles due to intense workouts. Quick repair leads to improved endurance and better performance.
  • Relieves joint pains: Many pieces of research show that people taking Anadrol have a lot of relief in the joint pain caused due to excessive and intense workouts. Pain relief automatically leads to wonderful performance in a workout session.

Side Effects of Anadrol

Like any other steroid, even Anadrol has some side effects on the human body. But the good news is most of these side effects are reversible and will vanish as you stop taking the drug. Until and unless you take steroids under expert guidance and not taking any overdose you will not see any irreversible or fatal side effects of the drug. Drug abuse like any other drug is very harmful when done with Anadrol. Different side effects can be seen in men and women so they have to be discussed separately. Some of the side effects of steroids are discussed below.

Side effects in women:

  • Alteration in the menstrual cycle of women is one of the most common side effects of steroids. It resumes its regular pattern once the person is off the drug.
  • Acne is another common problem faced by women taking steroids. Doctors advise stopping the drug for short intervals until acne vanishes.
  • Growth of male-like hair on the chin and chest is also seen in some women.
  • A deep and hoarse male-like voice and male-like baldness are also seen in certain women.
  • Women also lose their sex drive until they are administered steroids.

Side effects in men:

  • Swelling of the breasts of men is often seen in males.
  • Apart from that males feel restless and excited consistently in their initial days of taking the drugs. They get some relief once the body gets used to the drug or they are off the drug.
  • Insomnia or the condition of sleeplessness is also seen in many males.
  • Untimely and prolonged penis erection is also seen.

Some common side effects seen in both males and females are breathing difficulty, swelling in the throat, lips, tongue, and face, increased weight gain, urination trouble, nausea, vomiting, change in skin color, and jaundice.

Anadrol Dosage and Cycle

In studying the effects of various dosages of the drug on the human body, some very interesting facts about the Anadrol cycle came forward. It was observed that when a person jumps from 50mg per day of steroid to 100mg per day there were much-improved effects and efficiency. Though 100mg will be costlier, a tremendous increase in efficiency is also seen.

But the same results are not obtained when a person jumps from 100mg to 150mg. The body responded in the same way to 150mg as it had reacted to 100mg but the side effects and toxicity levels were higher. It was then inferred that a person should not be administered with more than 100mg per day for six to eight weeks and then take off for a week or two.

Where to Buy Anadrol

Like the USA, Australia, Canada, and similar English-speaking nations, Anadrol is a legal drug in USA. It is mainly due to the fact that it is sold as a medicine to increase red blood cells. Though it is still a legal drug, you cannot buy it from a pharmacy without a prescription. The best option is to buy the drug from manufacturers in Eastern Europe or get it from a supplier in the USA. If you want to possess it without a prescription then you need to buy it from some other vendor located in a different country or you can also buy it from an online store.


As a gist, we can say Anadrol is one of the safest strengths, stamina, endurance, and mass-building steroids manufactured under the inspection of the FDA. One can use it safely without any fear of any long-term disease in the future. It is a legal drug and you will not land in any puddle if you possess it legally.

Anadrol Review

Many users have gained desirable results after the use of Anadrol. Some have noticed considerable gain as soon as they started taking the steroid. Others felt that there was a lot of fat loss in the body while they gained lean and toned muscle mass. This made them look well sculpted rather than flabby as they looked before. Many bodybuilders and weight lifters observed that they could lift much more weight than before taking the drug. There was a visible boost in their stamina, endurance, and the time period for which they could continue lifting the weight.

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