Olympia 2019 Classic Physique & Men’s Physique Results

Chris Bumstead became the NEW 2019 Classic Physique Olympia champ!

We saw Breon Ansley be the winner for the past two years. Despite being the second previously, Chris Bumstead managed to get his dream victory this year! It was one of the biggest bodybuilding battles. Even his multiple injuries didn’t stop him. His size and proportion were just perfect to get the 2019 Classic Physique title and main prize.

Classic Physique Olympia results look the following way:

  1. Chris Bumstead – $30,000
  2. Breon Ansley – $10,000 
  3. George Peterson – $5,000 
  4. Keone Pearson – $3000
  5. Chen Kang – $2000
  6. Alex Cambronero
  7. Dani Younan
  8. Arash Rahbar
  9. Courage Opara
  10. Stan De Longeaux

2019 Classic Physique Scorecard

Classic Physique Official Scorecard

Classic Physique Official Scorecard

Raymont Edmunds became the NEW 2019 Men’s Physique Olympia champ!

The Men’s Physique division brought us a new champion this year, as well. Last year, Brandon Hendrickson was the winner, so we all were eager to see if he will gain his title for the second time in a row. But Raymont Edmunds was the one to get the title this year.


Check out the results below:

  1. Raymont Edmunds – $35,000
  2. Andre Ferguson – $12,000
  3. Kyron Holden – $8000
  4. Brandon Hendrickson – $4000
  5. Ryan Terry – $2000 


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