Olympia 2019 Bikini Results


One of the most pleasant Olympia divisions is the Bikini Olympia contest. Last year, as well as the previous one, brought us an amazing winner, Angelica Teixeira. This year, Angelica was a favorite without doubts.

However, Elisa Pecini appeared to be stronger in that division this year and became the new Bikini Olympia champion.

2019 Olympia Bikini Results

  1. Elisa Pecini – $50,000
  2. Janet Layug – $20,000 
  3. Angelica Teixeira – $12,000 
  4. Lauralie Chapados – $7,000 
  5. Jennifer Dorie – $6,000 
  6. Ashley Kaltwasser
  7. Jennifer Ronzitti
  8. Etila Santiago Santos
  9. Maureen Blanquisco
  10. Marcia Goncalves

Bikini Olympia 2019 Scorecard

Bikini Olympia 2019 Scorecard

Bikini Olympia past winners:

  • 2018 Angelica Teixeira
  • 2017 Angelica Teixeira
  • 2016 Courtney King
  • 2015 Ashley Kaltwasser
  • 2014 Ashley Kaltwasser
  • 2013 Ashley Kaltwasser
  • 2012 Nathalia Melo
  • 2011 Nicole Nagrani
  • 2010 Sonia Gonzalez




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