Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nick Trigili Explains Why You Should Never Follow Advice of Professionals if You Are Not Competing

Nick Trigili is worried about the fact that too many enthusiasts and young bodybuilders are very concentrated on what the professionals and great sports legends do to get their perfect bodies. In fact, there’s a sense to look at those who are reaching the top. However, what you shall also bear in mind is that what is good for bodybuilding stars is not always good for you.

The sportsman told there were at least two reasons for that:

1. Your genetics and health issues are not the same

Each successful bodybuilder is different. We all are the different organism with different metabolisms, body reactions, and health issues.

The first task of a bodybuilder is to find an individual strategy. The set of exercises and the diet may work perfectly for one sportsman when may be absolutely useless for another. You may copy your bodybuilding icon in everything and still be disappointed with the result you get. It’s normal, as your genetics is different.

Moreover, it can be dangerous to follow training tips of the aestetic bodybuilding stars. First, they have a team of coaches and doctors who control the reaction of a sportsman’s body on changes in training. Second, nearly all professional bodybuilders understand the risks and the side effects that hard training and sports medicine may have. Taking such a risk may be reasonable for pros, however, it can be absolutely pointless for enthusiasts.

2. Your starting points are different

When we look at the way professional sportsmen train, we often forget that they have years of training experience behind. The physical base is very important for effective training. What can work for an experienced bodybuilder, may be damaging for a beginner or a person with less experience.

Good coaches always offer different exercises to people of different age and with different experience and that has a point.

Nick also told that the idea of his speech was not to make people stop looking at professional bodybuilders. However, it’s important to understand that copying someone’s training strategy won’t bring any benefits. You can borrow some exercises and tips from anyone, however, it’s necessary to make them only a part of your individual strategy if they work for you.

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