national hockey league
NHL the national hockey league

National Hockey league-NHL comprising of 30 teams; 23 in U.S and 7 in Canada are all set approaching for their final day. NHL playoffs for 2017 is on the table.

The news buzzing around is that 31st team will be playing in Las Vegas. They have their headquarters in U.S, New York City, and New York. As soon as the final day is approaching they have clinched the home-ice-advantage, the metropolitan Division title, and President’s trophy.Considering the NHL playoffs the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning have been eliminated. These teams seem to have the scope but may the best team wins. the further games are scheduled accordingly.

hockey league
national hockey league

The Capitals, Bluejackets, Pittsburgh, penguins, Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers all are locked into the playoff seeds. They are all set to fight for the win. They seem very excited as the final day is approaching.

Blackhawks are considered to be No.1 on the table in the NHL playoffs. they occupy the first place in the western conference. They have earned this place by never ending hard work and sportsmanship.

Coming into the Eastern Conference two wild card spots have been added. They are Calgary Flames And Nashville Predators. they have all matches set up in the NHL playoffs; if they continue the tie The flames will have the advantage as they have a stronger position than the Predators.

Proceeding towards the rising excitement of the final day of the NHL; seeing up the Nhl playoffs the player Maras Johnson told CSN after Saturday’s game that ” it’s going to be exciting, we don’t care against whom we are going to play. It is going to be an exciting event.” This is gaining attention worldwide. People are totally engaged with it . Soon it will be revealed that who will be the champion of NHL. The teams are trying their best to cope up with the enthusiasm.