Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Winning Tactic Of Big Ramy: The Sportsman Is Losing Weight

This year Olympia has become a great disappointing surprise for Big Ramy. Last year he demonstrated the impressive physique and finished the competition, having the second place. While most sports experts expected him to be the main competitor of Phil Heath and, probably, a new 2018 Mr. Olympia, his result was only fifth. Fans of the sportsman were truly shocked and disappointed. While Ramy himself looked totally upset.

Soon after the competition he terminated the contract with his former sports club and coaches and informed that he had an intention to come back to Egypt and to continue his training there. However, it looks like Big Ramy is still ready for more changes and transformations.

The sportsman has always been known for his incredible mass and volumes. He has always looked really massive and that could give him some privileges. However, this year many sports experts told that Big Ramy’s tactic didn’t work anymore. The judges gave preferences to sportsmen of smaller size, however, with better relief and classic proportions.

Perhaps these comments have influenced the opinion of Big Ramy and he decided to change training technic and drop some weight. Nevertheless, now Big Ramy looks not so big. He has already lost some weight. The new shape of the sportsman is a great answer to those critics who called him ‘too massive and unable to look slimmer and drier’.

While many sportsmen stop their professional career after a loss, Big Ramy has got new motivation and inspiration instead. It looks like the great disappointment may become a new beginning for Ramy’s success.

The bodybuilder is not the only one who is able to take negative comments as another type of motivation. This year Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden told that he took a strong decision to with Olympia after a wave of negative comments and bullying that he had gotten in 2017.

Will new tactic give Big Ramy a chance to return his previous achievements? In any case, it will be interesting to watch ‘new’ Big Ramy during next year competition.


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