A New Community Of Lifters Is Motivated By Powerlifting

There are not so many powerlifting gyms in Arizona, and Omega Strong Gym is one of them. It was opened by Maria Gonzales and David Torres in 2017.

David Torres came up with the idea of opening up a powerlifting gym in 2014 while in college. There were not many powerlifting gyms in his area.

Torres said that they both really wanted to open a powerlifting gym. Previously, they trained at LA Fitness for seven years and they got tired of it. They felt it wasn’t their environment, so they set up a goal to provide the different and top-notch equipment for the athletes and those people who were serious about powerlifting and strength.

Now, thanks to various social media, locals find out about their gym. Omega Strong Gym is competing within various organizations, and USA Powerlifting is one of them. And it really stands out of commercial gyms, while they are one of the very few gyms with powerlifting equipment.

Current powerlifter Karina Cota said that she found everything she was looking for in that gym. The founders do a very good job, while they strive to work with low-income families and students and want to take care of such motivated upcoming powerlifters.

Gonzalez said that they have many plans for the future. They want to be more involved with the community around South Phoenix and would love to expand to the greater parts of Phoenix.

And the gym is open to everyone!


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