Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Neil Hill Tries To Predict How The 2019 Olympia Contest Will End

There is almost a month left before the 2019 Olympia contest. It’s time for a total pre-Olympia hysteria and expert predictions that help us to make our own opinion about the future bodybuilding king.

Some sources informed that the sales rate of Olympia tickets is unusually low. Many sports fans refused to buy a ticket for the event because of the upsetting situation with Shawn Rhoden and ban of some other popular bodybuilders. However, the upcoming event is still intriguing and awaited by thousands of people globally.

Just a few months before most bodybuilding fans discussed the future battle between Phil Heath and Shawn Rhoden. Now, after the arrest of the current champion, everyone is trying to predict who may become the future champion and what else can surprise all of us in the nearest time.

Neil Hill thinks that the upcoming Olimpia is a really important point in the history of bodybuilding. It may become a unique contest that will shock bodybuilding fans. Neil believes that Big Ramy, Phil Heath, and Shawn Rhoden won’t take part in the competition this year.

This can only mean that it’s time for new incredible changes and, surely, for a new champion. While it’s very hard to predict what is waiting for us during the upcoming contest. Neil thinks that Brandon Curry has great chances to get the Olympia crown in the Open Weight division and he explains why in his latest video. 

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