Navreet Josan is Called One of The Most Inspiring Indian Women

Navreet Josan is a smart and beautiful young woman that became India’s first bikini professional.

Being first in anything may be very challenging and hard. Being the first bikini professional in one of the most controversial countries in the world is twice stressful.

However, this doesn’t look like a kind of a problem for Navreet Josan. The young woman has already made a successful career as a beautician and a makeup artist. Now it’s time for professional sport.

Navreet has demonstrated her excellent physique on the professional bodybuilding stage. She also thinks it’s necessary to show her progress on social sites and internet platforms. This may help to encourage other Indian women to take part in professional competitions and will help to promote the sport among local females.

Navreet told she had never been oppressed for her choice and she always received a great support from people around her. However, it may be very different for other Indian females in the sport that have to fight stereotypes.

The first Indian IFBB Bikini Pro thinks that her mission is getting successful in several spheres. Navreet is not ready to dedicate her whole life to a single profession only. She likes to make her life colorful and busy and she has enough energy to combine daily training and developing her great professional skills of a makeup artist.

Currently, Navreet has around 75 000 Instagram followers. Not so many, you may say. However, their number is growing and now more and more people in India hear about Navreet.

She has already been repeatedly called one of the most inspiring sports blogger in India. Perhaps, Navreet will become that ambassador that will increase the popularity of the sport among Indian females and soon even the global stage will host more female participants from this country.

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‘TRAINING WITH INTENT’ is a phrase I heard for the first time from Dwayne. I had an idea what that meant but training with him in person has really brought that concept to life for me during this trip . . Intent is your intention or purpose. When you train, what's the purpose of your training? Is your intent simply to get through the workout and go home, or is it to push your body to become stronger, faster, more explosive and resilient . . This was Day 2 of full body training with my coach, Dwayne @diamondgympro. Thank you for helping me really understand what I should be feeling during each exercise. For not letting me ever settle for sloppy, lazy reps. For making me seek the struggle that comes with truly challenging myself. For helping me draw confidence from my training. Thank you for another great workout! Truly grateful to be learning from the best in the business. #diamondgympro

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