While everyone is looking forward to seeing the upcoming Olympia contest, it may start without some of its most popular participants. Nathan De Asha was caught on committing a crime. While he is already qualified for the 2019 contest, the Olympia management can still ban him from the competition.

According to the official report from The Liverpool Echo, the local police got one of the packs with drugs that Nathan sent to the Pain and Gain Gym. After a detailed check, the police found out that De Asha passed forbidden anabolic steroids to the gym’s managers. Steroids are classified as class C drugs.

The package was found during one of the raids. Police managed to find out who was the sender of the package, following the sender’s address mentioned on the pack. It led to a fitness studio that belongs to Nathan De Asha.
Now the accident is under investigation. Police are trying to find out whether Nathan supplied the gym with drugs regularly or it was the only case of him sending forbidden drugs.

There are no official comments from Nathan or his family. However, the case is actively discussed on the internet. It’s believed that this situation may have a very negative impact on Nathan’s career. 

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