Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mikhail Volinkin Demonstrated Great Physique Before 2019 Arnold Classic

Mikhail has become a real sensation of the last year. The young sportsman from Uzbekistan took part in the 2018 Arnold Classic contest and became a champion among non-professional sportsmen.

This year the talented bodybuilder is about to prove his right to have the pro-IFBB status and to compete against strongest bodybuilders from all over the world. Right after his great victory in one of the most famous bodybuilding competitions, Mikhail became popular not only in his country but all over the world.

The sports society got impressed by a touching life story of the sportsman. Volinkin grew up in an orphanage and had uneasy life situation, however, the sportsman has always been devoted to sports and tried his best to keep training. The sportsman had to combine hard training with the full-time work of a shop assistant. However, his decision to become successful in the sport has always been strong and unbreakable.

Mikhail has never been an active user of social sites, however, his recent victory that has become a great achievement for the bodybuilder inspired him for starting blogging and sharing his news with a growing number of his fans.

There’s no doubt that Volinkin is a talented and strong-willed bodybuilder. However, some sports experts think that the professional debut of the sportsman won’t be easy. The young participant who used to compete as an amateur before may face a real challenge.

This fact makes it only more interesting to watch Instagram of the sportsman, monitoring his latest achievements and the transformation in his body. Some of the recent photos shared by Mikhail prove that he has worked insanely hard to impress his fans and the competition jury. Volinkin looks very massive and shredded weeks before the competition.

It’s hard to say if the sportsman can take one of the top places in the competition, however, it’s obvious he has a strong potential to reach great results in the future.


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