An insane fervor is witnessed regards to Microsoft new technology-packed gadget despite the fact that Microsoft Lumia 1050 will get release in January or February 2016. The news that has made spree these days is that Microsoft is focused on getting Windows Store more support. However, confusions are found regards to Microsoft Lumia 1050 features.  

 Most of the experts consider Lumia 1050 launch as a splendid choice as far as the new operating system and other features are concerned. The Microsoft Lumia 1050 is truly the beginning of a classic and apart from Windows 10, the complete redesigning of this phone has also made so much buzz. For photography diehards, this phone is going to be a marvelous choice as the new Lumia 1050 camera would make your photo capturing experience into a new phenomenon. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that the Lumia 1050 camera is offered with a massive 50 MP sensor having a variable aperture and a zoom lens. Moreover, the optical image stabilization and laser autofocus truly make this a distinguished camera. However, diehards would be extremely dejected to know that Lumia 1050 would miss a front camera and this is a kind of bad news for selfie diehards. The rotating camera has made fans alive and kicking with joy as this would truly make this phone the hottest one on the market.

Overall, Lumia 1050 would be a defining phone in the history of Microsoft.


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