The Main Bodybuilding Contest of The Weekend: IFBB San Jose Pro Results


The latest weekend was rich in interesting bodybuilding events. However, the most interesting and important one was, probably, the IFBB San Jose Pro contest. The great bodybuilding competition with adorable summer atmosphere attracted lots of guests to San Jose.

While winning this competition is not a critical point for most professional bodybuilders, it’s still often visited be famous sportsmen and sports celebrities. Its excellent organization turns the contest to a bright show and allows bodybuilders to be noticed by potential sponsors and partners.

This weekend IFBB San Jose Pro was held to choose the champions of Men’s and Women’s Physique divisions. The main titles were given to Anthony Woods (Men’s Physique) and Mayla Ash (Women’s Physique). The full lists of contestants is posted below.

Men’s Physique Results

1.Anthony Woods;
2. Joseph Lee;
3. Dean Balabis;
4. Steve Cao;
5. Jake Alvarez;
6. Rodrigo De Paz;
7. Tommy Clark;
8. Clarence McSpadden;
9. Jamal Hill;
10. Mehdi Kabbadj;
11. Michael Ferguson;
12. Paul Mateoc;
13. Alp Yurteri;
14. Rob Conway

Women’s Physique Results

1. Mayla Ash;
2. Priscila Cavilha;
3. Trish Wood;
4. Claudia Diaz;
5. Autumn Swansen;
6. Geraldine Morgan;
7. Teresa Brooks;
8. Joella Bernard;
9. Ashley Fuller;
10. Emily Schubert;
11. Kortne Greene;
12. Chavaugn Del Valle;
13. Denise Cadenas;
14. Angela Irizarry;
15. Kimberly Jones;
16. Heidi Worrell-Osborne;
17. Kendel Dolen;
18. Mary Power;
19. Patricia Johnson



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