Brandon Curry is known as a high-class bodybuilder and a role model for many sportsmen. However, he’s also famous for being a dream-dad who loves his kids more than anything. It’s also known that Brandon’s sons want to become just like their dad and plan to start a bodybuilding career when they grow up.

No doubts, they will get great genetics for an impressive start. However, what is even more important they will definitely have powerful moral support and supervision from their famous father. Brandon first shared his son training and posing around a year ago. Those photos entertained Curry’s followers and made a little boy popular.

However, this year Brandon decided to go further, pushing one of his kids to pose alongside one of the greatest bodybuilders of Olympia. Marvelous Curry who is seven years old dared to compete against the 2008 Mr.Olympia. Seeing Brandon’s son next to Dexter Jackson was really amusing. The posing battle attracted the attention of many bodybuilding fans.

While this is only a joke now, many people noticed that Marvelous have a great potential to become a bodybuilding celebrity or a fitness guru in the future. People also loved the little boy’s confidence and being ambitious what is definitely a useful set for a future competitor.



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