In the time when the sport has become more organized and controlled, a question of steroids is as trending as never before. Many kinds of sport like some martial arts have already come to an idea to forbid usage of steroids and similar drugs. Others, like bodybuilding, still have no clear attitude to steroids.

Sports experts do not show any negative attitude to steroids, however, no one promotes steroids as a universal solution for bodybuilders. Medical experts make the situation even more puzzled: some tell that steroids are harmful to health, while others say that they see no serious problems in taking moderate doses of steroids.

Many professional sportsmen avoid speaking on the topic. However, some are more open. than others. A few days ago former Olympia bodybuilder Kai Greene gave an interview where he revealed his attitude to steroids. Greene told that the fact of taking or not taking steroids could never be important. Kai believes that only the right mindset and hard training are keys to success and steroids play only a tiny role in the process. Kai didn’t tell if he had ever taken steroids during his career.

However, we found another fresh interview dedicated to the topic. A rising star of bodybuilding and a very promising sportsman Larry Wheels told that he used to take steroids and explained how it influenced on his body and sports career.

Larry who always looks a successful and happy man told that early years of his life were really hard. Being a young man, Larry saw no way to the future until he started his sports career. That’s simply amazing to hear an unbelievable story full of pain and sadness that ended up with a great success.

Larry told how sports and fitness changed his life story and helped to overcome all the problems he had.




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