Larry Wheels Goes Honest: The Sportsman Speaks About His Addiction

Even if you are one of the strongest men on the planet, you may have your own weaknesses. Larry Wheels breaks the world’s records and shows great results in sports. Yet the sportsman can’t cope with his addiction. Larry recorded a video to help his personal life and to support others with a similar problem.

Larry Wheels is a new symbol of success. Young, popular, and super strong, he has all doors open in front of him. Wheels is one of the few sportsmen who are respected in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. Looking better than Superman, Larry stays just a human. And he’s not afraid to reveal he has problems.

One of the strongest sportsmen in the world can’t fight his addiction. It has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. Yet it’s still destroying Larry’s personal life and making him waste too much money. The sportsman confesses that he’s addicted to porn. He uses cam websites way too often and pays hundreds of dollars to watch erotic webcam models.

Larry thinks it’s a great problem as he can’t control his addiction anymore. Now the sportsman is battling his addiction. He’s looking for a way to fix his life. Wheels admits that many people don’t take this issue seriously. Yet there are a lot of people who suffer from the same kind of addiction. Supporting them is another reason why the sportsman speaks about it.

Larry said he was worried about people’s reaction to his video. He was afraid it could affect his relationship with his girlfriend and his professional image. Nevertheless, the sportsman feels that being honest is an important step to recovery.

Larry’s video attracted lots of people around the globe. Many internet users shared similar stories. They proved porn addiction is not a reason to joke. People hope Larry will manage to overcome his problem soon. They also believe videos like this make people more sympathetic to others.  

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