A fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov finished more than a week ago. However, it still causes great interest and is actively discussed in the fighting society and among sports fans. The fight of the century ended up with a great mess and an awful melee. Right after the fight that was won by Nurmagomedov, the winner attacker training partner of McGregor, while his fellows jumped into the cage to get Khabib’s opponent.

The UFC president Dana White told that the organization was going to punish Nurmagomedov strictly and to fire Zubaira Tughugov who was noticed getting into the cage and trying to beat McGregor.

Nurmagomedov apologized for the incident, however, he also warned the UFC administration that he was ready to leave and to stop the contract in the case his friend Zubaira Tughugov would get fired or punished. MMA fans have been guessing which solution would be taken and whether Nurmagomedov would stay with UFC or no.

However, recently Dana White calmed Khabib’s fans down, telling that Nurmagomedov was not going to leave the promotion and that the situation had been set peacefully in a friendly manner. Dana told that many things had changed in a week after the fight and the decision of the UFC administration had changed also.

According to Dana’s words, the UFC organization is ready to soften their punishment and to change their attitude to what happened after the main fight of UFC 229. The organization is interested in keeping Khabib and everyone is trying to take his side and to be good with him while solving the conflict.

Dana avoided telling what would happen to Zubaira. However, most sports fans decided that UFC wouldn’t punish the sportsman or would soften the possible punishment.


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