Kevin Levrone Released a New Song

Kevin Levrone is one of the top world bodybuilders and an often participant of professional competitions. The sportsman is also known as a talented musician, songwriter, and a singer.

A few years ago Levrone decided to stop his professional career in bodybuilding. He kept training and showed interest in the sport, however, he also told that his career of a professional sportsman is over.

The same time Levrone started to work on his another career, writing new songs and music. Kevin told that he wanted to concentrate on music that had always been his hobby and passion. Levrone didn’t plan for a fame of a pop-star, however, he had some loyal fans and enjoyed his new business.

However, soon the sportsman told that he missed the sport much. He decided to come back on a professional stage and took part in last year Arnold Classic Australia. Levrone is also planning for Olympia stage in the nearest future, he reported that he had the hard training to regain his previous excellent physique.

This time the sportsman decided to find a balance and to manage his time for both of his passions and hobbies. He is still working as a musician and singer, releasing new songs and preparing for professional bodybuilding competitions.

Levrone is not the only sportsman who is successful in combining two careers in different fields. However, it still can be difficult to be good in both spheres.

This week the sportsman released a new song called ‘God Knows’. The song has an attitude to faith and religion. Lots of Levrone’s fans have already complimented the sportsman on a beautiful music composition and sent him lots of warm and supportive words.

Will it be possible to combine the preparation for the next year Olympia competition and musical career? Perhaps, we will understand that next year after watching Levrone’s performance during the competition.



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