The Classic Physique division was launched only in 2016. Breon Ansley is an undeniable leader of it. However, one of the best newcomers who can claim to be the best in the division is Keone Pearson.

He seems to show great talent at the bodybuilding stage, with the support of Flex Wheeler and PJ Braun. Pearson claims to be all natural and he shows his genetic gifts supported by really hard work.

On a recent episode of PJ Braun, he mentioned Pearson and his natural status.

Flex Wheeler supports Keone Pearson as well.

No proofs show Pearson uses steroids; however, believing such a young man created such amazing forms with no aids is difficult. But who knows, his genetics can be really incredible.

No matter what the truth is, we will surely watch Keone Pearson in 2019 Arnold Classic. Will he make waves? We hope so.


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