Saturday, May 8, 2021

Keone Pearson Is Leaving The Classic Physique Division

While the bodybuilding is one of the youngest and the most dynamic types of sport, it’s hard to say that we’ve seen too many new faces in recent years. The attention of the media was concentrated on popular veterans like Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Chris Bumstead, and others.

However, this year Olympia gave us another reason to be more attentive to the new sportsmen appearing at the professional stage. No doubts, the 2019 Olympia contest was joined by a number of future champions and sports stars. And it looks like Keone Pearson could be one of them.

The young sportsman is not new in bodybuilding, however, this year he appeared at the Olympia for the first time. Representing the Classic Physique division, Keone impressed judges and managed to get fourth place. That’s an amazing result, taking into consideration that the young man’s main competitors were Chris Bumstead, Breon Ansley, and George Peterson.

Keone is happy with the result. However, he’s not going to continue with Classic Physique anymore. According to one of the latest posts in Pearson’s Instagram, the sportsman is leaving the division, to represent the 212 category next season. Keone thinks that such a change is now a must for his development. Many of Keone’s fans support his decision. The sportsman has great potential for growing his muscles and becoming one of the top 212 Division bodybuilders in the future.

While switching a division often turns into a painful fail, that’s far not a rule. Hadi Choopan is a great example of how choosing your division smartly may become beneficial for one’s career. Recently Choopan shocked his fans, joining the Open Weight category and managed to get his third place among the strongest Olympia participants. Who knows, maybe Keone Pearson will soon manage to repeat Choopan’s success. 

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