Saturday, May 8, 2021

Kai Greene Worked On Phil Heath’s Image

Kai is known for his creativity and outstanding talent to make fun out of anything. The former Olympia contestant and one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world whose shredded body leaves no one indifferent

It’s not a secret that Kai has a kind of complicated relationship with Phil Heath who is believed to be Greene’s hardest opponent. Two sportsmen often argued at the stage and on the internet. However, now when they don’t really compete against each other, they look more like old friends than mortal foes.

Greene often jokes on Phil Heath, mentioning Phil’s name in his Instagram account. Recently Kai tried a role of Heath’s personal stylist, combining his own image with an image of Heath. Greene admitted that Heath shall think about wearing some locks.

Phil Heath answered, promising to show some of his old-school photos of him wearing plates. The post collected almost two million likes. Hundreds of sports celebrities commented on the picture, including Dexter Jackson, Bradley Martyn, and Hany Rambod. 

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