Kai Greene is surely one of the most recognizable and popular characters in bodybuilding. The sportsman is known not only by his excellent physique, but also by his incredible charisma, great sense of humor, and creativity.

When you see Kai on the professional stage posing, you may feel that he was born to be the best. He looks so natural and confident, that you simply can’t imagine once it could be different.

However, even such bright sports stars like Kai Greene once were young and inexperienced. When Kai came to the sport, he was far not as confident as he is now. The sportsman faced harsh competition and complete ignorance from his colleagues who were more experienced and successful.

When you are in a situation like that, feeling no support, you can easily give up. It could happen to Kai as well. However, he met a person who changed his life and attitude towards the sport. Kevin Levrone was that special sportsman that became great support and a source of inspiration for Greene. When Kai was just starting his career, Kevin Levrone was already among the most successful sportsmen of the Olympia contest.

Kevin used to be a real sensation in the world of bodybuilding. He presented incredible physique that was unseen before. Unfortunately, Levrone didn’t get the champion status, however, nobody has any doubt he was worth it. Later Kevin Levrone was called The Uncrowned King. He inspired thousands of young bodybuilders, including Kai Greene.

Once Greene used to look at Levrone like at a living idol. Now, they are equals and can sit together remembering old good times. One of their latest meetings inspired Greene for creating a short but very interesting and informative video to share his memories.

Kai took a chance to tell how happy he was to meet Levrone once and which impact it made on his career. The video has quickly become the new hit and has been already seen by thousands of people.



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