Friday, April 16, 2021

Kai Greene Explained the Role of Steroids in the Sport

Kai Greene has always been more opened and communicative than many bodybuilders. Now when he decided to make a break in his career, Kai is ready to discuss lots of controversial or even scandalous topics connected with bodybuilding, his own personal experience, and career.

While most sportsmen prefer to avoid the topic of steroids, Kai is ready to discuss it openly and to share his mind and knowledge about it. Greene is known for his flexible mind, so this time he didn’t explain his own position, telling he is for or against steroids or other drugs in the sport. However, he decided to educate sports fans a little bit about the issue.

Kai is sure that using of steroids never makes a champion. He believes that drugs can be a helping tool, however, those sportsmen who take them and those who avoid them have approximately equal chances to reach their aims and to win professional competitions. Greene believes that steroids are absolutely useless if a sportsman doesn’t work hard and has no effective plan of reaching the goal. At the same time, the bodybuilder thinks that hard work, proper nutrition, enough rest and strong determination make the perfect strategy to push yourself further than your pro-steroid competitors.

Kai doesn’t think that taking steroids or similar drugs is a must if you want to win. However, he’s also not against belly fat burning pills if they are safe and effective. The sportsman believes that everyone has a right to choose an individual plan of reaching the aim.

Now steroids and sports drugs is one of the most popular topics in the sport. Many bodybuilders were reported to take drugs, including those that may lead to a health problem. While many sports forbid taking steroids, bodybuilding that is based on evaluation of esthetic look of sportsmen has no clear position about it. The sport is possible without steroids, however, there are not enough reasons to ban them.


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