This year Olympia was planned as an intriguing event with a harsh battle for the crown. Everyone was eager to see the competition between Phil Heath and Shawn Rhoden, the return of Kai Greene, and an upgraded physique of Big Ramy. Unfortunately, we won’t see anything of these in 2019.

Most of the top Open Weight division representatives are not going to compete this year. Surprisingly, Josh Lenartowicz is also not in the list of 2019 contestants anymore. What has happened to a promising sportsman with great ambitions?

Josh confessed that the reason for being out of the contest was his health issues. Later Josh explained that he was diagnosed with a dangerous form of brain tumor that was found on his skull. Josh also mentioned that his brother had the same diagnosis.

Doctors planned operation to remove the tumor. Josh expected to spend some days in a hospital only and had a hope to come back to training soon after surgery. However, his plans were destroyed with severe complications after surgery. It resulted in coma that lasted for a week.

Now Josh is recovering and feeling well. While he still plans to come back to training in the nearest future, he decided to postpone his career plans for the next year. So, now he has time to recover and to be with his family. That’s quite a wise decision as doctors need time to be sure Josh is OK. Moreover, it’s necessary to find out what can provoke tumor growth and remove these factors in order to avoid backset.

Fans of the bodybuilder hope that the sportsman will be able to compete in the nearest future and will return to the Olympia contest in 2020.




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