John Meadows Recorded a Video After Having a Heart Attack

Just a few days ago the bodybuilding society was shocked by some scary news about John Meadow’s hospitalization. According to a message posted by his wife, John had a heart attack. The sportsman hurried up to talk to his followers after recovery – he recorded a video to tell what happened and to calm his fans down.

John Meadows is not an average man but a person with a very strong will and determination to the sport. After surviving some dangerous diseases and major surgeries he came back to bodybuilding and got his pro card.

However, when we all decided that John’s troubles are over, news about his heart attack appeared. Fortunately, after some days in the hospital, the sportsman feels better.

How It Happened

Meadows explains he felt nothing strange before he had a heart attack. It looked like quite a normal day and there was nothing that could stop the veteran bodybuilder from going to a gym. He was exercising, when he felt strong chest pain.

Despite the massive pains, the sportsman was trying to cope with the situation on his own. He thought that the pain could be caused by incorrect body position or trauma. However, when he started to feel worse, he asked to take him home.

John confesses that it’s not right to be a tough guy all the time. Sometimes you shall understand you are not a superhuman and may need help. Being reasonable made him call a doctor and saved his life.

Now John is recovering. He feels almost ok and soon will be ready to come back to his everyday life. He assures his fans that they don’t have any reason to be afraid for his life. However, he underlines how important it is to take more care of your health always.

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