Jeremy Clarkson is struck down with serious pneumonia.

Jeremy Clarkson 57 was enjoying the family vacations on the Spanish island when he suddenly got medically ill.

According to the representative for Clarkson’s Amazon Prime show, “The Grand Tour” said in a written proclamation that Clarkson “was admitted to hospital on Friday morning during a family holiday in Spain.”

He posted an Instagram picture showing tubes in his arm and his patient identity tag around his wrist with the slogan, “Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday.”

Jeremy Clarkson himself said that his illness seems to be a serious one, as he is presently in a wheelchair. It seems as though the adored petrol head will be out of charge for quite some time. At least Jezza hasn’t lost his fabulous sense of humor, all the same.

However, the sources near to Jeremy Clarkson defined the health alarm as “serious”, signifying he is dubious to be back to full strength for some weeks.

According to an insider: “Jeremy has never been too concerned with clean living but this has knocked him for six”.

Though he’s told friends not to expect to hear too much from him over the next few weeks which is very unlike him, and obviously his family are concerned”.

“Inevitably people close to him are saying it’s time to think about the way he looks after himself – cutting back on the booze and fags – but he’s never been one to take that sort of guidance on board.

“This might be a turning point.”

The Top Gear alumnus Richard Hammond was on the wings to the hospital in Switzerland. In June after colliding an electric super car in Switzerland. The car, which was being recorded for the newest series of The Grand Tour, rupture into blazes after Hammond escaped the remains. The announcer said he supposed he was going to die through the incident, during which he turn into aerial and worn-out after finishing the Hemberg Hill Climb in Switzerland.

He defined the experience as “like being in a tumble dryer full of bricks going down a hill”.

Jeremy Clarkson was dismiss from the BBC’s Top Gear in 2015 after hitting producer Oisin Tymon, in addition to calling him “lazy” and “Irish” in a curse fill exchange. However his coworkers Hammond and James May also resigned from show and joined Clarkson to Amazon Prime. Clarkson express regret to Mr Tymon for the “unprovoked physical and verbal attack”.