Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jeremy Buendia Is Ready to Argue With Dexter Jackson

Sportsmen are united by a common life philosophy and interests. However, it looks like Men’s Physique bodybuilders and Open Weight representatives have more reasons to argue than to support each other.

That’s not a secret that Open Weight bodybuilders attract more attention of the audience. They look more massive and, probably, more spectacular and impressive for the sport’s fans. No doubts, that Open Weight bodybuilders feel more confident than others.

Some Open Weight representatives behave quite disrespectfully talking about their colleagues from other divisions. This fact makes many people angry, however, the situation has never become an issue for a serious conflict before.

However, Jeremy Buendia decided it’s time to speak up and to protect all sportsmen from the Men’s Physique division. The former Olympia champion posted a video where he asked Open Weight bodybuilders to stop being disrespectful. Some sportsmen supported the idea of Buendia. However, others reacted very negatively.

Finally, the sportsman’s post has gotten great attention, involving top representatives of the sport. As a result, it led to a conflict between two bodybuilding stars. Four-time champion Jeremy Buendia and legendary Dexter Jackson are now arguing about the issue.

Will this conflict finish soon or will it grow into a life-lasting war?

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