Jeremy Buendia May Have Problems with Law Fighting His Rivals

What shall happen to force Jeremy Buendia to stop fighting his opponents? That’s probably one of the biggest mysteries. The sports celebrity was out of scandalous news for a while. It almost made us believe Jeremy broke his habit and became a goody. Yet it was only a lull before the storm.

No doubt, Jeremy is a talented bodybuilder and a strong-willed sportsman. Yet it’s far not the only reason why he attracts so much attention all the time. Most people associate Buendia with numerous scandals and fights he often participates in.

This time the former Olympia champion has ruffled Andre Ferguson inviting him for a real-life fight. Two old rivals have never been friends. Their conflict started years ago and often resulted in insane online arguments. Yet none of them has crossed the line in real life. Until recently…

It looks like the argument turned to be too serious. Jeremy lost his temper. Now he is threatening his opponent and invites him for a fight. Buendia shared a video message and screenshots with messages that were sent to Andre. He leaves no chance for his rival to avoid answering.

Buendia’s open aggression has already caused many problems in the sportsman’s personal life and career. Yet this time Jeremy looks quite careless about any negative impact it can make on his career. The bodybuilder looks confident and bald, chasing his old rival. Fans of both sportsmen are guessing how far this situation may go.

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