It’s not a secret that there are a lot of Open Weight bodybuilders who are always making jokes at their colleagues who compete in Men’s Physique division. There are some interviews where bodybuilding stars criticize the Men’s Physique division, calling it ‘not serious’, ‘a kids’ game’, etc.

Surely, such words are offensive for those who take part in professional contests presenting the Men’s Physique category. No matter which division you present, being a bodybuilder is always hard work and great devotion.

While some Open Weight bodybuilders often oppress others, representatives of Men’s Physique category prefer to ignore the insulting words and topics. There are only a few bodybuilders who are ready for another internet scandal.

However, it looks like Jeremy Buendia is now ready to protect himself and his division by any price. The sportsman told he was mad because of disrespectful comments on Men’s Physique division and its sportsmen.

Buendia asked all bodybuilders to be respectful to each other. He mentioned that Men’s Physique category is officially recognized by most bodybuilding organizations and contests. Jeremy told that no one had a reason to hate Men’s Physique bodybuilders, however, there were too many Open Weight representatives who behaved rudely and offensively.

Jeremy Buendia has won the Olympia crown four times. He presents the Men’s Physique division and he knows how much work it takes to become the number one. The sportsman has already faced discriminating behavior of his colleagues before, however, it was not as bothering as it is nowadays. Jeremy told he could not keep silent anymore and decided to raise the topic for discussion and for attracting sportsmen’s attention to the issue.



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