Jeremy Buendia Is Back To Gym: The Ex-Champ Tells How It Feels After A Long Break

Even 4-times Olympia champions have reasons to stop training for a while sometimes. Jeremy Buendia is back to the gym and ready to tell how his physique changed without hard workouts.

Most gyms in the world are closed now, however, not for the one who has nailed four Olympia victories in recent years. Jeremy Buendia made thousands of his fans envy: he’s already back to training in a gym.

The sportsman looks not as massive as most of the time, however, he’s still toned, lean, and shredded. Previously, Buendia explained that light home exercising and healthy dieting helped to stay feet while there was no training with weights and less daily activity.

The bodybuilder shared his impressions, coming back to training after a break. He warns his fans not to feel upset, seeing their results less impressive than they were before the quarantine. ‘You are going to be tight especially that first week back!’, – the sportsman assured.

No worries, that’s hard even for the Olympia winners. Jeremy told that he felt that his range of motions was limited. The sportsman also advises his followers to start with lighter exercises and smaller weights. ‘Leave your ego at the door.’, – he recommends, trying to prove there’s nothing wrong with setbacks this time.

This year quarantine became a real issue for many sportsmen who are now out of training. If you are not working out, you are regressing and that’s really upsetting. For those whose life and career depend on sport, the situation is a serious reason for feeling depressed. In order to help each other, more and more professional sportsmen share their lifehacks and supportive posts. Jeremy Buendia decided to join his colleagues and to share some inspiring information.

No doubts, we’ll take this heat to make headway with the renewed vigor!

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