Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jeff Seid Is Losing His Size

Jeff Seid is a really successful bodybuilder. He has always shown great results, taking part in the professional contests and has also always been loved by sports fans. Seid is not only a competing sportsman but he’s also a fitness star and an Instagram guru that unites a huge amount of people.

Jeff attracts his fans with his sincere desire to share his experience and knowledge about bodybuilding and fitness. The sportsman shares great recommendations with those who care for their bodies and health.

However, this is not the only reason why so many Instagram users follow Jeff. Most people enjoy watching his photos and those results he has managed to achieve with hard work and reasonable training approach. Seid has always been one of the most interesting Men’s Physique contestants, having a perfectly shredded body and excellent proportions. He amazed his fans with his strict self-discipline and an ability to look impressively in any time of a year.

However, now Jeff’s fans have started to notice strange changes: Jeff looks much smaller than usual and it looks like he keeps losing weight. This makes the sports auditory worried, guessing whether the sportsman is going to take part in the upcoming Olympia contest.

The sportsman himself is not commenting on the situation. While there’s no official information from the bodybuilder or any of his insiders, we can only guess what such changes are caused by.


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  1. well if apples compare to oranges its a personal choice. jeff by far has been an inspiration to young men albeit by standards could still fit the young lions today. whether you compare him to others don’t judge. i am sure he is surely aware of his physique. i know he does more fitness competions but don’t doubt him he pursues an actual bodybuiling contest. i wish David Laid did too. they define true work. i can list several others. but i also say don’t put your head in a lion’s mouth just because you think he’s getting soft


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