Friday, April 16, 2021

Insane Power of Genetics: Lee Priest’s Daughter Repeats His Destiny

One can think that genetics means little for success in sports. However, we’ve already witnessed several cases when great genetics was especially useful. While all eyes are now on the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger who is trying to become successful in bodybuilding just like his father did, the daughter of Lee Priest is making great progress in her professional career.

Alexandra Leigh “Aleigh” Priest has always attracted lots of attention with her great physique. Being a fitness model and fitness enthusiast, Aleigh Priest became a sports celebrity in Australia, where she lives.

While a few years ago the young woman was mostly known because of her great father and some internet activity, in the latest years she decided to pay more attention to her professional career and to achieve better results in the field.

The 27-years-old fitness model is not a bodybuilder, however, she has gained muscles to look more sporty and impressive. Last year her transformation brought her some desirable progress and she managed to become 1st in Bikini Beginner at the 2018 NABBA State Championships.

This year Aleigh decided to repeat her victorious debut and went Pro after winning the Overall Sports Model title at the Australian Nationals. While her career is starting much later than her father’s, she has great chances to become an outstanding figure, just like Lee Priest.

Now the daughter of Lee Priest is getting huge support from her family and the growing army of followers. She promises to keep developing and to show even better results in the nearest future.

Alexandra Leigh Priest Instagram profile

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