Injectable Steroids

Below we are going to talk about Injectable Steroids and how to use them to get the best results possible, in part 1 we are going to talk about the injectable steroid testosterone.

Why testosterone? Because it’s pretty much the baseline for any MALE steroid cycle, hell, women can even use this and achieve great fantastic results if they are an advanced steroid user.

So below we plan to discuss in detail the following.

Where to buy testosterone

How to use testosterone

The best way to stack testosterone

And any possible side effects that may occur.

Before we go any further I think it’s important to let you know you can buy anabolic steroids directly from the link below!

Now testosterone can and should be used for any male on their first cycle.

I’d recommend your first cycle always being a bulk, cut down as much as you can then bulk with testosterone. Why do I recommend this? Because you can put a RIDICULOUS amount of muscle on on your first testosterone cycle! This is why I recommend it so much!

I recommend you run testosterone at 500mg every 5 days, I’d use enth, personally, as I feel it is less injections and allows you to get use to how “steroids” work in your body. Monitor yourself carefully and build the body of your dreams.

But what makes testosterone so great is that you can easily stack more steroids with it as you get more experienced!

For example some like to use it with the dianabol stack cycle so that it would look like this

Testosterone 500mg every 5 days for 12 weeks

Dianabol at 40mg daily for 6 weeks.

The cycle above is a great one that tons of bodybuilders and athletes love!

Likewise you can also add in deca so you have two more choices/options here.

One is

Testosterone for 16 weeks ran at 750mg every 5 days

And deca ran at 500mg every 5 days for 12-14 weeks.

Or you can go a step further, keep the same cycle as above and then add in some dianabol at 40mg every day for 6 weeks!

Again these are just basic steroid cycles and recommendations, but I’ve seen guys add 20-30lbs of muscle mass following these cycles to the T and it is a great and powerful way to work it.

Again testosterone is commonly ran with other anabolic steroids such as anavar, anadrol, Tren, masteron, equipoise, and so many more. If I went through all the anabolic steroids that testosterone can be used with we would be here all day and that is no exaggeration.

For a cutting cycle I like to use testosterone with tren on a more advanced cycle.

But there is also the Testosterone, anavar, Clen, and masteron cycle that is absolutely fantastic for giving you washboard abs and making you look well to be frank beyond incredible! And I highly recommend this routine.

Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our mini series on injectable steroids, we have already done a mini series on Oral steroids! So we felt it was time to get one going about injectable steroids, in part 1 we focused highly on the anabolic steroid testosterone! In part 2 we decided it would be time to go onto Deca.

Why deca? Not just because it can be stacked with Testosterone, but also because WOMEN can use deca, making this one of the best and most powerful anabolic steroids around.

What can deca do? It can build a dramatic amount of muscle mass on a man or woman, it has healing properties/aspects and can strengthen the joints and tendons, add that with testosterone’s ability to strengthen bones and you can see why this is such a powerful stack to be used together, now can’t you?

I’ve never seen an anabolic steroid as powerful as deca is for curing and helping injuries.

If you want to purchase deca or buy any other anabolic steroids you can do so by the link below.

Now you’re starting to see why I put this so high up in my list of injectable steroids, aren’t you?

Let’s take a look at a basic Deca cycle (Test Deca cycle).

You always want to include testosterone with deca if you are male, otherwise you will face the DREADED deca dick (something no male wants)

Testosterone at 750 every 5 days for 16 weeks with deca ran at 500mg every 5 days for 14 weeks is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid for building a nice amount of muscle mass.

I’d never use deca on a cut, it doesn’t have any real good cutting aspects, however on a bulk it will build up a ridiculous amount of muscle as fast as you possibly can!

Another way to improve this cycle would simply be to add dianabol at 40-50mg daily for the first 6 weeks of your cycle. Another anabolic worth adding is proviron this is great for allowing deca and testosterone to “work better” by causing more free testosterone in your body and removing excess estrogen.

Again these are basic tips and advice, the only thing that holds deca back in my opinion is it’s bloating, which prevents it from being ideal for “fat loss”

Now for females!

Deca is a great anabolic steroid, I’ve seen girls run it up to 350mg weekly and have no MASCULARITY side effects. I mean they’ve grown muscle and looked incredibly sexy, but you won’t grow a penis. Try 100mg weekly for the first week, I know a lot of girls tend to go FAR too low on dosages due to the worries. What makes this silly is you are just wasting your money if you go “too low” on a dosage.

You need to find what works for you and work really hard.

Another anabolic worth adding is anavar, anavar and deca is a great anabolic steroid for building muscle mass and fixing any niggling injuries for a female athlete!

Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our mini series on injectable steroids. This is a sequel, if you will, to our mini series on “Oral steroids.” In part 3 we are going to discuss one of the most powerful anabolic steroids of them all.

Yes, we are going to discuss Trenbolene or Tren for short and how you can use it to build the body of your dreams.

Tren can be used on a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle.

I’ve seen guys add up to 30lbs of muscle and lose 20lbs of fat while on tren.

Yes, it really is that powerful.

It is 5 times more anabolic than Testosterone, this gives you an idea of the power level of this anabolic steroid that you are using.

I actually intended to type “playing” with, but I want to stress using tren requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to know exactly what you are doing and use it not abuse it.

Before we go any further if you are wanting to buy Tren, or any other anabolic steroid on the market you can do so by clicking the link directly below!.

If you need any further help with how to use anabolic steroids simply just join our forums on this website where we are always there to help and assist.

Now how can I use tren in a bulking cycle?

First off, with tren it makes the gains very “lean” it isn’t the best “mass” builder, believe it or not. Despite it adding more muscle than others, it doesn’t promote as much muscle gains as say deca would. However, something it does do is the following: all day we break down muscle; Tren prevents this, even during our workout. So instead of breaking down our muscles throughout a training session they simply just get “rebuilt” it prevents us from losing any muscle mass so we are constantly just building muscle.

Obviously there is a more scientific reason for this, I just wanted to explain it in simple terms so you get an idea of why it works so powerful and effectively.

If you are eating a good healthy and strict high quality diet in High calories.

You will add A LOT of muscle mass very, very fast! And as stated earlier all of the muscle mass will be very lean, and due to the fat burning effects you will look fantastic.

Let’s say you almost have your abs visible but they are covered up by a layer of fat, it’s quite likely you will see a full 6 pack with another 10-20lbs of muscle mass added, meaning you will look just simply incredible.

Now on a cutting cycle how does it work? Pretty much the same way. Due to its ability to keep muscle on you, even on the most strict of “cutting” cycles, you will hold onto all the muscle you have and probably add some while burning a TON of fat.

Tren also does promote fat burning.

Below is a good tren cutting cycle

Testosterone 500mg every 5 days enth version.

Tren enth version at 350mg every 5 days.

Anavar at 100mg daily

Testosterone should be ran for 12 weeks, tren 8 and anavar 6

You will find this an extremely good fat burning stack.

If you want to push it even further you can try adding in masteron to give you a washboard abs tight look and I’m sure you will NOT be disappointed with this set and I truly believe that.

Another tip on a bulking cycle with Tren is to use Turinabol or t-bol rather than dianabol

Because it promotes such lean gains in mass, it makes more sense to avoid the bloating orals.

Testosterone, T-bol, Tren cycle and get the most lean gains you can.

Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our mini series on the best injectable steroids!
Below we are going to talk about something quite different to the usual, no it’s not Testosterone, deca, tren etc. Instead we are going to talk about Human growth hormone, Or HGH as it is commonly known for short.

Before we go further you can buy Human growth hormone, (hgh) or any other anabolic steroid known to man simply by clicking the link below!

Now why do I love human growth hormone so much? Well this is going to be a big list, so let’s go.

Number 1 it is the most powerful fat burner on the planet, FACT. Yes, it really is this powerful. Nothing will melt the fat off as much as human growth hormone, it doesn’t matter if you are on a high calorie diet or bulking the fat will still MELT off with human growth hormone, it also improves how effective other anabolic steroids are and your ability to build muscle mass will be second to none while using this anabolic steroid.

It is extremely powerful and a very effective fat burner.

2 the muscle gains! Yep, Human growth hormone will give you some of the leanest and greatest muscle gains known to man, it will help you recover much faster. Let’s say you can train your chest twice per week now, it’s not unrealistic to be able to train it 3 times per week and recover much faster along with lifting heavier weights while using human growth hormone.

3 It is undetectable, yep, no one has ever failed a human growth hormone test not even in the Olympics it is pretty much undetectable and can be used in any way of life.

4 It is extremely powerful for helping with injuries and healing Arthritis, or any problem you may have even old wounds such as patellar tendonitis, can be fixed much faster/easier by using this extremely powerful substance! Not hard to see why I recommend it so highly now is it?

The only down to human growth hormone is of course it’s price and the amount of time you need to run it for.

(6 months minimum) however I prefer to run it for at least a year to see the long term true magic and benefits of human growth hormone come into fruitation.

I also like to use testosterone all year long with numerous other cycles depending on my goals through out.




And human growth hormone leads to a dramatic amount of muscle mass being built! And I really can’t stress how powerful the above stack is..





human growth hormone

will have you leaner than you ever believed was possible and looking like a Greek Olympian!

Again just some basic example of cycles you can do throughout.

If you need any more help and or advice with human growth hormone just let us know and send us a message on here via the forums we are always here to help and offer the best advice possible.

Part 5

Below we are going to talk about the next Injectable steroid, can you guess which it is? Winstrol!

How could I not mention winstrol? One of the most popular and sought after anabolic steroids. While I won’t lie and say I’m the biggest fan of Winstrol in the world I know tons of you are and want to know exactly where you can buy this anabolic steroid.

You can buy winstrol by clicking the link directly below!

And yes it ships to Usa, Australia, Uk, Europe, Canada, anywhere in the world and it does get there.

Now that that question is asked, if you have any more join our forums and we’ll help you out!

Moving on with this article, then.

Winstrol has one purpose, and one purpose only to be used in a cutting cycle.

Winstrol is great for pulling “water” out of the body and allowing you to look lean/ripped.

I don’t just mean look lean/ripped in the common sense either. No, I mean look shredded, IE dry to the bone, your abs will stick out another 1-2 inches, your biceps will have no water around them, your chest will be chiselled, hence the popularity of this anabolic steroid.

Unfortunately there are some downsides to it. One is that it causes joint pain, due to the lack of water. Yes, it actually removes the water from around your joints and muscle tissue too! Something I am not too fond of for so many obvious reasons!

A common cutting cycle is to use Testosterone Cyp, or another fast acting testosterone with Winstrol to prevent any bloat and just cut down as much body fat as possible, the testosterone is to hold onto as “much mass” while you are on a big calorie defect, while the winstrol is to get you “cut” and look ripped.

I’d also recommend taking some Clen (Clen dosing) to help speed up the fat burning process! Many guys also like to add in some T-3 to push the fat burning effects even further! Again this is entirely up to you, and only a recommendation from me, but I believe a stack of




And t-3 to be an extremely powerful fat burning one, and as long as your diet is on track and you work hard you should see some truly fantastic results.

Again I can’t give you a bulking cycle to go with this because, to be frank, winstrol is no better than eating a tick tack in a bulking cycle!

Another substance sometimes worth using with Winstrol is masteron, but remember it is a DHT steroid and can cause hair issues in men.

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