8 Dangers of Underground Steroids Labs: Why it is not safe to buy steroids or any fitness / bodybuilding aids from shady sources

Are you having trouble finding anabolic steroids to use for fitness and bodybuilding?

You’re not alone as steroid use is banned or heavily restricted in most countries such as the US, UK and Canada.

It is for this reason why some men and women turn to underground labs for their steroid supply.

Underground lab is a general term used to describe the process by which anabolic steroids are manufactured underground.

While some are labs, most are homemade, and they have risen in popularity since the banning of anabolic steroids .

While these can provide you with anabolic steroids, there are several caveats you have to keep in mind.

  1. Manufacturing Process is Not Clear

While steroids are available here, you won’t have an idea how the product was processed.

When you buy legal health supplements there is information about how the product was made, where it was made, the ingredients used and so on.

This is true not just of health supplements and multivitamins but all food products as it is mandated by government law.

Underground labs do not follow those regulations and as such you may be completely in the dark regarding their quality.

This is true regardless of the type of anabolic steroid you decide to buy.

Do not be deceived by the fancy packaging used for a lot of these steroids: a professional looking package won’t be enough to tell if the steroid is well made or not.

  1. There is No Quality Control

Because these labs operate without government supervision, there is no standard set of protocols they follow when it comes to quality control.

One lab may produce the highest quality anabolic steroids while another lab makes bogus products and passes them off a genuine winstrol, dianabol etc.

Rip offs and knock offs look a lot like the original, and if you have never used one of these products before you won’t be able to tell the real one from the fake unless you take it.

If you’re lucky the steroid you bought is the real thing, but there is also the chance you will be injecting yourself with a fake steroid.

Heavy metals are usually removed during processing, but this requires purification that may not be used by some underground labs.

The process required to reach drug grade purity level is expensive and most underground labs just skip that step so it’s cheaper.

Because the procedure has been modified, there is a good chance you will end up with an inferior steroid or a completely different product altogether.

Legal steroid alternatives and supplements have no problems showing you how the product is made. Information is provided on the website along with pictures and videos.

With underground labs you won’t see these, and the reason is clear: their products are made under less than ideal conditions.

A lot of these so-called underground labs are not like the labs, and are nothing more than garages, duty apartments, etc.

Needless to say steroids have to be manufactured in sterile locations, and this alone gives you an idea of the lack of quality control.

  1. Validation of Steroid Quality is Impossible

Legal health supplements provide you with some sort of guarantee: since they are operating aboveboard you are at least certain they meet the minimum standards set by the FDA or the regulatory body in your country.

With underground labs there is no such assurance as you won’t even know where it was manufactured.

The only way to know if the steroid is real or not is to use it in a cycle as you normally would.

The problem with that approach is you don’t know how it’s going to work.

The side effects could be more severe and if the ingredients are fake and could be even hazardous to your health.

Of course you could get some type of assurance from the underground lab about the quality of its product, but take that with a grain of salt because there is no way you can verify it.

  1. Instructions are Not Always Provided

For anabolic steroids to work you need to take a specific dosage lasting over a period of several weeks (a cycle).

Taking too little won’t produce the desired effects, and overdosing could trigger even more unpleasant side effects.

The length of the cycle also affects the results: too short and nothing will happen, while too long is dangerous. The dosages that men and women have to take differ too.

If all you get are a bunch of pills with no instructions or details for use, you’re putting yourself at risk.

At the very least you could end up not using enough out of fear of overdosing, thus failing to gain any benefits and wasting your time and money.

On the other end you could end up taking a lot more than you should and suffer significant side effects.

  1. Illegal

Underground labs are illegal, period. For this reason they are hard to find and even if you do find them, it comes with all the risks associated with illegal steroids.

Most countries impose penalties not just on companies and individuals that sell steroids but also those that use them.

Since these products are banned and some operate in a fly-by-night manner, do not expect much in the way of customer support after your purchase.

You are pretty much on your own when it comes to usage. Whereas with legitimate supplements you can file a formal complaint and demand to get your money back, there is no such option when it comes to these underground labs.

  1. No Guarantee of Results

There is no other way to put this: an underground lab, no matter what they say, cannot provide the same guarantees that legal health supplements do because of the manner in which the product is made.

Just to give you an example: winstrol is an anabolic steroid that provides a boost in your athletic performance, and it works for men and women.

At least that is how winstrol is supposed to work: if the steroid you got from the underground lab is fake you won’t see any performance boost no matter how much you take.

This is where the lack of quality control again comes into play as you could end up paying for a fake product.

Oftentimes you can see the lack of quality control right on the packaging with misspelled words and incorrect grammar. That alone should serve as a warning.

  1. Unreliable Distribution

This is another potential problem with underground labs that not a lot of people take into account.

Suppose you do get a true underground lab and you’re sold genuine steroids. While that is all well and good, the question is will the lab still be there the next time you place an order?

No matter what anabolic steroids may claim, you will need more than just one bottle to achieve the desired results.

If you want to bulk up and maintain those muscles you have to take the steroid on a consistent basis.

If the steroid you’re using is not available it’s going to disrupt your cycle and have adverse effects on your physical development.

A lot of the steroids sold in underground labs are haphazardly made and since they’re trying to evade the authorities, don’t bother much with purity controls.

If you look closely at the solution you will see crystals, moisture and cloudiness, signs the solution is not well made.

  1. Dangerous

There is no lacking in scientific and medical evidence proving that anabolic steroids possess side effects that could prove harmful.

This is even more so if you buy from unreliable underground labs where the products don’t follow any quality control standards.

Swelling, redness and pain are among the most common side effects you will feel when using fake and dangerous products.

The possible dangers lie in the fact that you could be using improperly made steroids.

If you’re buying an injectable steroid and sterile practices are not followed, you could be infected.

There is also the possibility the steroid is laden with arsenic, mercury, lead and other hazardous metals.

If you look at the crimp ring on the stopper: it is usually uneven and is a clear sign it was handmade.

You will never know if the person who made it washed their hands or if it was manufactured in a sterile environment.

Legitimate manufacturers use spectrometers and other devices to test the validity of raw materials. You are not going to find a lot of underground labs that have these equipment or willing to spend for it.

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As the information here has shown, the dangers present in underground labs and their products are real and should not be ignored.

The benefits when you take anabolic steroids are real, and that is the reason why a lot of men and women tend to overlook the dangers that come from relying on underground labs.

However we simply cannot ignore the fact the risks. If you’re seriously considering underground labs as a means of getting anabolic steroids , it is imperative you learn what it is about.

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