Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fast acting steroids

A good question we get is what are the best fast acting steroids or which steroids get into you the quickest.

Well, oral steroids 99% of the time are faster than injectables. This is why we normally use them to kick start a cycle.

For example, let’s say we were doing a testosterone only cycle it would take around 2 weeks for us to begin seeing results and 3-4 when the magic “Kicks in.” For this reason we may decide to use an oral steroid such as say, dianabol. Dianabol takes only a few hours and we will begin to see results within a few days. After 4-6 weeks we will discontinue the use of dianabol as our testosterone cycle is now fully in effect.

However, despite testosterone taking longer to get into the body and “build up” the gains will be MUCH easier to keep and will also allow you to keep the dianabol gains, both muscle and strength. I believe this is due to the way it builds up slower and slowly leaves the system rather than such dramatic changes.

There is of course other esters such as Testosterone Prop that is extremely fast acting you need to inject Every other day or EOD for short. This is great for a cutting cycle and some love it for a bulking cycle, while I personally prefer one of the slower acting esters.

There is actually a fast acting version of Deca which is ideal for cutting and for women. One of my favourite aspects of this drug is its ability to hold on to Muscle mass and even ADD muscle while on a strict calorie defect.

It has the healing aspects of Deca and as well the “shut down aspects” (Deca dick.) The name of this steroid is NPP. It is cheap affordable and extremely effective but PLEASE make sure it is stacked with testosterone if you are male.

Fast acting steroids are ideal for avoiding drug tests, but unfortunately injections are much, much more frequent which can be a complete and utter pain in the rectum to say the very least.

I also recommend getting large syringes if you are using a few “mixes.” I commonly mix my deca and testosterone in the same syringe to save on injections just a thought!

Until next time thanks for reading this article about fast acting steroids, it’s just a basic article to talk about the differences between the fast and slower acting steroids

Until next time thanks again and be sure to comment below! We are always doing our best to help out, if you need any help with a steroid cycle, or building muscle mass, or which steroids work for you we’ll be sure to help you!

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