Tuesday, June 22, 2021

IFBB Muscle Contest National Brazil Pro 2019 Results

There are many reasons to visit Brazil and Muscle Contest National Brazil Pro is one of them. The bright professional contest is a great event for Brazilian sportsmen that is organized yearly. This year the contest was held in Sao Paulo.

Warm atmosphere, adorable spring weather, and traditional Brazilian hospitality turned the bodybuilding contest into a really fascinating show and a great celebration of sports beauty. The event attracted lots of guests from many parts of the Earth and the great attention of the local sports reporters.

The contestants battled for the main title in two categories: Bikini and Men’s 212. This year the event was joined by many interesting contestants. Many sportsmen took part in the professional contest for the first time.

The 2019 IFBB Muscle Contest National Brazil Pro winner in the Bikini category is a 22-year old fitness guru and sports blogger Elisa Pecini. This year the victory in the Brazilian contest is not the only achievement of Elisa, she has already been noticed by the sports fans showing great results during 2019 Arnold Classic.

Bikini results:

  1. Elisa Pecini:
  2. Priscila Leimbacher;
  3. Lucia Malavaze;
  4. Etila Santiago Santos;
  5. Ana Paula Baggio de Almeida;
  6. Chenqi Liu;
  7. Francesca Stoico;
  8. Racquel Wainstein;
  9. Fernanda Saggin;
  10. Jessica Da Costa;
  11. Ivanise Ludvig;
  12. Malu Duarte.
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