IFBB California Pro 2019 Results

Time of great bodybuilding contests and new champions! California has become a meeting point of talented sportsmen from different corners of the Earth. The contest was held in Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, California

The organization of the 2019 IFBB contest in California was excellent! The event attracted several hundred visitors and the great attention of the sports media.

The competition was held for Open Weight bodybuilders only and it was really hot! There were 15 sportsmen from the USA, Europe, South America, and Russia.

The champion title was taken by Patrick Moore (Texas, US). Patrick looked really great on the stage and fascinated the judges with his insanely huge and shredded body.

Patrick Moore before finals (Instagram, @patricktmoore)

The results of the competition and the full list of contestants is available below:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

  1. Patrick Moore (Tomball, Texas, US);
  2. Tim Budesheim (Germany);
  3. Josh Wade (Rocklin, California, US);
  4. Eddie Bracamontes (San Diego, California, US);
  5. An Nguyen (Las Vegas, Nevada, US);
  6. Camilo Diaz Garzon (Colombia);
  7. Sergey Kulaev (Russia);
  8. Dorian Haywood (Lakewood, Colorado, US);
  9. Jonni Shreve (Canada);
  10. Bola Ojex (Coronado, California, US);
  11. Matt Kouba (Lockport, Illinois, US);
  12. Silvio Samuel (Los Angeles, California, US);
  13. Quincy Winklaar (Curaçao);
  14. Jeno Kiss (Hungary);
  15. Jon Andersen (Novato, California, US).



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