IFBB Big Man Weekend Pro 2019 Results

Big Man Weekend is not the main professional competition, however, it always attracts lots of great sportsmen and their fans. Moreover, IFBB Big Man Weekend has become a starting platform for many sports celebrities and their first chance to show their incredible physique to others.

This year sportsmen from the USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, and many other countries gathered in Spain to take part in the contest. The event was held in Alicante on 27-28 of April.

This year 23 participants competed for the first place in two categories: Open Men’s Bodybuilding (13 contestants) and Bikini (10 contestants). The current IFBB Big Man Weekend Pro champions are Josh Lenartowicz from Australia (Open Bodybuilding) and Beatriz Biscaia from Portugal (Bikini).

Bodybuilding Men’s Open Results

  1. Josh Lenartowicz (Australia);
  2. Akim Williams (USA);
  3. James Hollingshead (United Kingdom);
  4. Eddie Bracamontes (USA);
  5. Rafael Brandao (Brasil);
  6. Essa Obaid (Dubai);
  7. Andrea Presti (Italy);
  8. Dani Kaganovich (Israel);
  9. Kenneth Jackson (USA);
  10. Diego Nunes (Portugal);
  11. Mahmoud Kafi (Iran);
  12. Erik Ramirez (USA);
  13. Miha Zupan (Slovenia).

Bikini Results

  1. Beatriz Biscaia (Portugal);
  2. Phoebe Hagan (United Kingdom);
  3. Noora Mahonen (Finland);
  4. Adrianna Racmarek (Poland);
  5. Alessia Facchin (Italy);
  6. Casey DeLong (USA);
  7. Rocio Lopez Corchero (Spain).
  8. Katerina Chistova (Latvia);
  9. Elsa Deoliveira Pena (Portugal);
  10. Aurelia Bissoli (Italy).

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