Recommended HGH Dosage: How Much HGH to Take a Day

Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the drug of choice, is for conditions like growth hormone deficiency. It can be given subcutaneously by injection, but it requires proper mixing, dosing, and technique.

HGH therapy can usually be administered by the staff of the clinic. However, certain situations, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, might mean that some clinics are unable to accept patients. Your doctor will be able to give you instructions on how to mix, inject and dose HGH.

You can determine the right dose by one of two methods: either by calculating your body weight (weight based) or using a default dose (non-weight-dependent). The dose must be determined based on how long you have been receiving HGH injections.

Are you experiencing side effects? What is your body weight? You should not alter your dose without consulting your doctor. Be aware that this article may not contain all the latest scientific information. You should consult a qualified doctor to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

How Much HGH Can You Take?

The weight-based method involves calculating your dosage per kilogram of your body weight. Every HGH brand has different recommendations for GHD patients.

  • Norditropin Maximum Starting Dose is 0.004mg/kgBW. It can be increased every 6 to 0.016mg/kgBW.
  • Humatrope Maximum starting dose is 0.06 mg/kgBW. The maximum daily increase can be made every 4-8 weeks to 0.0.0125 mg/kgBW
  • Genotropin Maximum starting dose of 0.006 mg/kgBW. Can be increased every 4-8 Weeks to 0.012 mg/kgBW
  • Saizen: Maximum starting dose is 0.05 mg/kgBW. It can be increased up to 0.01 mg/kgBW every 4 weeks.

Non-weight-based dosing can be used instead of the calculations. GHD patients are given a fixed dose of 0.2mg/day. This is equivalent to 0.6IU/day. The dose can then gradually increase by 0.1-0.2mg each 4-8 weeks. Clinical trials have shown that overdosing or side effects can occur in obese and overweight patients using weight-based treatment. For such patients, it is recommended that you start with 0.2mg/day before gradually increasing the dose.

To emulate the natural pulsatile production of growth hormones, the dose should only be taken once daily and not more than 6-7 times per week. Evening is the best hour to get HGH injections To see growth hormone injections start to work, they must be administered for at least one month.

The first benefits are a reduction in abdominal fat and an increase in body leanness. The majority of the benefits like improved mood, better energy levels, and a better quality of life can only be realized after six months, according to scientific evidence.

Dosages for Different Conditions in Adults

HGH therapy might be necessary for other conditions, such as GHD in adults. Short Bowel Syndrome, or SBS, and cachexia due to HIV are some examples. The optimal dose for patients suffering from growth hormone deficiency varies between 0.2 mg/day up to 1 mg/day

GH therapy can be used for short-term conditions. The recommended doses of GH therapy are much higher than those in GHD. You can expect a gradual increase in doses as you start therapy. HGH treatment in SBS will last approximately 4 weeks. The recommended dose for HGH is 0.1mg/kgBW/day or 8mg/day.

Studies have not looked at the effects of long-term therapy, but studies show that short-term therapies when combined with other medications produce lasting results (up to 3 months). HGH therapy for HIV-associated caching is recommended at a dose of 0.1 mg/kgBW, or as high as 6mg.

The dose can be administered daily, or at any other time for up to 12 consecutive weeks. Research in HIV patients has shown that the most common side effects of high HGH doses are elevated blood sugar, edema, pain in the joints and muscles, as well as swelling.

What Is the Best HGH Dosage?

GHD patients require a dosage of 0.2 to 1 mg daily. It all depends upon factors like the length of HGH therapy and individual tolerance. There have been studies that looked at the optimal dose for anti-aging, muscle gain, surgery, or injury recovery. Higher doses were used for shorter periods.

One example of this is a trial that was conducted in elderly people and found that there were positive effects on the body, including increased protein turnover. The doses were taken three times per day for as long as 6 months. HGH has been shown to speed up muscle growth in athletes. Patients undergoing surgery found that even higher doses of 0.1 mg/kgBW daily can be used to speed up the healing process.

These large doses shouldn’t be taken for longer periods than 3-4 Weeks. The risk of adverse effects increases with age. Common reactions include headaches, water retention, edema, or pain in the joints and muscles. The evidence currently suggests that low-dose HGH therapy does not increase the risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases.

However, the long-term health risks associated with high-dose GH treatment are still not fully understood. One-time overdoses can cause acute adverse reactions like shaking, sweating, or hunger. These cases should be reported to your physician or other healthcare professionals immediately.

Is HGH Compatible with Other Drugs?

HGH therapy can generally be used with all medications. Patients with adrenal impairment who are currently taking prednisone and cortisone may require an increase in their dosage. Short-term glucocorticoid treatment may reduce growth hormone therapy’s effectiveness.

The effectiveness of HGH therapy is also reduced by oral estrogen medications (e.g., estrogen) and insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). It is recommended to adjust the dose of GH shots. Because of the insulin sensitivity lowering effects of HGH therapy, type 2 diabetic patients might need adjustment to their hypoglycemic drugs.

GHD sufferers should imitate their natural growth hormone levels to obtain HGH. HGH injections in the evening are the best because insulin levels drop at the peak of GH. To replicate the body’s natural pulsation of HGH, injections of HGH should be taken once daily, 6-7 days per week. HGH injections also have metabolic effects that are affected by the time of administration.

Studies suggest mimicking natural HGH secretions. Consider taking your HGH before you go to sleep. You should skip missing a shot if it is near time for the next. Otherwise, you should continue to receive your HGH injections in accordance with the schedule. You should never double the dose in order to make up for any missed shots. If you miss more than three consecutive doses, please consult your doctor.

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