Half-Life 3 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

It has been years since a new edition has been added to the Half-Life series and according to some sources, the wait may be finally over, come 2018. They say that Half-Life 3 Release Date would be sometime in 2018 but alas, this has not been officially confirmed by Valve. However long the wait may be, fans already have a set of expectations for one of the most famous titles in the gaming world; that it would be VR Ready.

However, the game has indeed been slow in getting itself finished. It seems that Valve has closely guarded the game against leaks and as a result, only a few developers from Valve are completing the game. Half-Life 3 developers may be under a lot of pressure right now, given that the first two installments of the series were such a big hit, for sure fans are expecting something more from the third addition to the Half-Life family.

Valve has not yet officially announced any release date for Half-Life 3 but due to the fact that the game will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on 2018, it makes a whole lot of sense for Half-Life 3 to be released in the name of celebrating more than two decades of alien slaying awesomeness.

While waiting for the official Half-Life 3 Release Date, fans are looking into how much they can expect from the game, surely it is to stay relevant to the overall theme of the game series, but it should be a lot different too, being nearly 12 years apart from each other. There is a rumor that Half-Life 3 will have a Kraken Base which means that players can perform deep sea explorations via submarine.


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