Gynecomastia: Treatment, Causes & How To Get Rid of Man Boobs Naturally

Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of the male breast. In layman’s terms, it is often referred to as “man boobs.” It may present either unilaterally or on both sides of the breast.

Most cases occur among adolescents, the elderly and adults who are experiencing hyperestrinism. In advanced cases of gynecomastia , the breast becomes stimulated to appear similar to that of an adolescent female breast.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Unfortunately, some individuals are misinformed about the true cause of gynecomastia.

Because of the stigma and selective presence of the condition, people assume that various etiological agents such as untoward lifestyle habits, promiscuity and diet contribute to the presence of man boobs.

However, gynecomastia is usually caused by the imbalance between estrogen and testosterone in the body.

Testosterone Estradiol Conversion

These two hormones are primarily responsible for controlling the secondary sexual characteristics of males and females…

For men, testosterone stimulates the increase in muscle mass, sudden rise in height and growth of body hair.

For women, estrogen is the main factor that stimulates the formation and maturation of breast tissue among females. Among males, both estrogen and testosterone are present in the body, with the latter predominating over the former.

The estrogen is kept at low levels because these define the sexual characteristics of the opposite sex.

Why Male Suffer Gynecomastia?

In gynecomastia, the amount of estrogen in the blood becomes abnormally higher relative to the normal levels among males. The body responds to hormonal levels in the circulation.

Among males, the normally thin connective tissue in the breast undergoes an adaptation called hyperplasia or increase in the number of cells.

This leads to the thickening of the collagen that comprises the breast tissue.

As the collagen thickens, the framework that provides the shape and contour of the breast becomes more stable.

Hence, the scaffold can accommodate an increased amount of fat that causes the enlarged appearance of the breasts.

Factors That May Trigger Estrogen Increase

Before I show you prevention or treatment, let’s briefly consider some factors that may lead to estrogen increase and ultimately man boobs:

— Certain Medication & Anabolic Steroids

Various factors can trigger the increase in estrogen production that leads to gynecomastia. One of these factors is excessive intake of certain medications such as anti-androgens and steroids for muscle building.

This occurs because the pathway that leads to testosterone formation is blocked. Hence, the body resorts to forming other hormones, such as estrogen, in order to compensate for the loss of the sex hormone testosterone.

Other drugs and alcohol may also contribute to hyperestrinism.

— Bad Health Conditions

Certain health conditions such as kidney and liver failure may also lead to gynecomastia, since fluctuations of hormonal levels occur as a result of the abnormal synthesis of the main hormones in these organs.

As a compensatory mechanism, the body responds through the overproduction of female hormones.

Obesity May Cause Gynecomastia

— Obesity

Another condition that may contribute to the presence of man boobs is obesity, since overweight individuals tend to have higher content of lipids.

The excess fat components tend to lodge in different areas of the body. The breast is one of the parts where these lipids are stored.

— Certain Herbal Based Consumption

Herbal products may also contribute to the occurrence of gynecomastia. Some compounds that are present in some shampoos and lotions have a weak estrogen activity.

Some plant oils also inhibit androgen formation by blocking the enzymes that lead to the formation of these hormones.

In order to fully synthesize androgens, the compounds in the body have to undergo a series of chemical pathways.

These oils act by preventing the formation of metabolic by-products that are essential in sustaining the function of enzymatic processes that ultimately lead to testosterone formation.

Prevention of Gynecomastia

Thinking of ways to get rid of man boobs can be difficult for some people.

Hence, in order to avoid being in this situation, this section will focus on methods of prevention so you would not have to resort to gynecomastia treatment such as surgery.

— First, do not use drugs

Some illegal drugs such as steroids, amphetamines and marijuana can increase the production of estrogen in the body.

These drugs contain active compounds that alter the balance of hormones that ensures the increased production of testosterone. If not indicated for any disease, anti-androgen pills must not be used.

— Second, drink alcoholic beverages in moderation

If you are the type who drinks more than 4 bottles of beer per day, you have a higher predisposition to developing gynecomastia.

High amounts of alcohol cannot be tolerated by the liver, which metabolizes everything we ingest. Increased levels can also impair the normal function of the liver.

Hence, the enzymes in the liver that regulate the testosterone synthesis become impaired.

— Try to Avoid Obesity

Another useful method is through prevention of obesity. Aside from the numerous cardiovascular and gastrointestinal benefits of having a normal weight, maintaining fitness also substantially reduces the propensity of having man boobs.

You reduce the amount of fat that mainly comprises the breast tissue. A diet that is rich in proteins and vegetables would reduce the fat component that occupies the space of the breast.

— Watch Your Health Condition

Your methods of prevention may also depend on your health condition. If your doctor prescribed you with medication to suppress prostate enlargement, you can take tamoxifen and anastrozole.

These two medications have been scientifically proven to prevent gynecomastia and breast pain while taking medicine for your prostate.

Gynecomastia Treatment

Getting rid of gynecomastia depends on the extent of the condition. For adolescent males, man boobs usually resolve on their own without specific treatment.

Hence, observation for six months is recommended for people in this age group. Some solutions are more effective for some, while others just do not work.

If the primary cause of gynecomastia can be identified, correcting the initial trigger may lead to the reduction in breast size over several months.

For instance, if certain medications trigger the onset of the condition, stopping the intake of these meds is an effective treatment modality.

One of the benefits of this form of treatment is that you are not subject to the adverse effects of medications and surgical operation. However, this method becomes disadvantageous if the man boobs persist when untreated.

The estrogen builds up as the condition is prolonged, which leads to the gradual increase in size of the man boobs. For some, losing man breasts fast requires doing more than just reversing the triggering stimulus.

Another potential mode of treatment for getting rid of moobs is by engaging in breast exercises.

Believe it or not, a man boobs workout exists that focuses on chest exercises that aim to shrink the abnormally enlarged breast tissue.

Among the common exercises for man boobs are focused on cardiovascular techniques, calisthenics and weight training.

The advantage of this method is that you not only reduce lipid storage in your boobs – it occurs in your entire body as well. It has a systemic effect which benefits your internal organs too!

However, a common setback of undergoing gynecomastia exercises is that it takes longer before you achieve the desired result. It also becomes relatively difficult to maintain the practice because of its prolonged duration.

If the gynecomastia has already lasted long, some people resort to surgery as a means to lose man boobs. Among the advantages of surgical operation is that the residual scarring of tissue during prolonged gynecomastia is removed.

Nevertheless, it becomes disadvantageous because of the risk that you are exposing yourself to during surgery. In spite of the seemingly minimal risk of this procedure, all surgeries have a risk of complication.

Another drawback is its expensive cost because you have to pay for your hospital stay, as well as the services of the plastic surgeon.

Natural Cure For Man Boobs

GYNECTROL: Proven Gynecomastia Steroids Treatment

However, it has been proven that natural treatments have more benefits over surgery.

First, gynecomastia pills are preferred if you cannot take time off school or work.

If you have a busy schedule and you cannot afford some time off, taking male breast reduction pills such as Gynectrol is advantageous.

Another benefit is that you do not get stitches in your breast because it is not opened up during surgery.

For aesthetic purposes, it will seem like no damage has been done in the area of the breast.

Third, you do not have to sacrifice the efficiency, because consistent intake of these pills yields results within a month. Finally, taking pills is a more affordable way of treating gynecomastia. Its only downside is that it requires you to work out to improve its efficacy.

Gynectrol Pills

If you are looking for a product that meets the above natural treatment, the most effective medication available in the market today is Gynectrol Pills .

These pills are made by CrazyBulk, a leading manufacturer of body building supplements worldwide. If taken twice a day before meals, it has been proven to manifest a significant reduction in breast size!

It contains caffeine which enhances the sympathetic nervous system, leading to the increase in metabolism. This includes enhanced lipolysis, wherein the body focuses on burning the excess fat in the body.

Gynectrol Pill also contain gugglesterone, a compound that actively stimulates the thyroid glands.

The thyroid plays a central role in catabolism, which breaks down storage metabolites, including fat. Flavonoids and alkaloids also boost the mechanism of lipolysis by increasing the degrading enzymes.

Gynectrol Helps Getting Rid of Man Breast Naturally with Health Benefits
Most people think that getting rid of man breast naturally is a tedious task. However, the use of Gynectrol Pills has been proven to be an effective, safe and affordable treatment modality for individuals who need immediate treatment for gynecomastia.

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