How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia: Man Boob Vanishing Guide

Unfortunately for the modern man, gynecomastia, also known as male boobs, is a growing problem. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) over 22,000 male breast reduction operations were performed in the US last year. British men are facing the same dilemma with gyno surgery the 3rd most popular procedure in the UK.

It may not be life-threatening but for many men, gynecomastia causes considerable emotional pain, shame, and embarrassment. This often with bullying in school, to undermining their of confidence in their careers and relationships with women later on in life.

Having bigger breasts than your girlfriend is not something to boast about. In fact, many guys hide their shame by wearing baggy shirts and avoiding the beach. If this is you, then you have options and just because you have a sagging chest doesn’t mean you need to go under the knife. As it turns out, only one type of gynecomastia requires surgery.

Which Type Of Gynecomastia Do You Have?

There are 2 types of gynecomastia and it’s important to distinguish between the two. In medical terms, enlarged male breasts are referred to as either real or false gynecomastia. With real gynecomastia, the man’s breasts enlarge because of a build up of glandular tissue.

This can happen for a number of reasons. The most common is long-term exposure to medications, antibiotics, or a hormone imbalance where a guy’s estrogen levels increase and testosterone levels decrease.

Estrogen is the female sex hormone, whereas testosterone is the male sex hormone. With increased levels of estrogen, men can develop female features such as breasts. I have to emphasize that male breast enlargement is not a serious condition. In fact, over time the condition can improve with medication and a healthier lifestyle. However, if symptoms do persist, gyno-surgery is the only option to effectively remove

With false gynecomastia, there is simply an excess of fat around the chest and pectoral muscles. The condition does not require surgery to reduce the breasts.

In fact, you have a number of natural breast reduction solutions which are discussed below.

3 Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Unless you have a fetish for wearing a mensiere (male bra) you can melt away your male boobs with a combination of fat burning and muscle building workouts. Combining weight training with cardio interval training creates an effective man boobs workout.

You need cardio to burn the fat. Lifting weights will firm up your pecs while at the same time kick start your metabolism and boost testosterone levels to burn off that male chest fat.

Here are 3 workouts to get you started:

Chest Supported 45 degree incline press – this is a great male breast reduction exercise because it targets the key pulling muscles in the back, strengthens the biceps and opens up the chest for improved posture. Do as many reps as you can for an interval of 30 seconds, then rest for 30. Repeat this set 4 times.

Grab an incline bench and set of dumbbells. Adjust incline to 45 degrees and lie chest down on the bench, legs straight with feet rooted to the ground. Hang your arms downwards with a dumbell in each hand. At this point, raise your chest slightly off the incline with the neck neutral and in line with the spine. Pull dumbbells upwards in a sweeping motion towards your ribcage and then squeeze the shoulder blades. Imagine your trying to squeeze a grape between your shoulder blades. Keep the shoulders down to avoid a shrugging motion. Fully extend your arms downwards again and repeat.

One and Half Dumbell Pushup – Grab a set off hex dumbbells and get into a push-up position – straight line from head to toe with glutes tightened. Do a normal push-up, go all the way down, but only come up half way*, pause for a second, go back down and then all the way up. Do as many reps as you can within 30 seconds, then rest for 30. Repeat the set 4 times.

*at the half way point your chest muscles are at there most active.

Rowing machine – a great aerobic exercise that burns fats but also targets the chest arms and back muscles. If you’re not use to the rowing machine start of with 10 minutes a day. When you become more accustomed to it aim for 30 minute sessions 3 times per week.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male chest reduction surgery is only necessary if your condition is a medical one. This means the condition is the result of of excess breast tissue or in more serious cases such as a cancerous lump. You don’t need it if your man breasts are the result of excess fat.

Gynecomastia surgery is classed as cosmetic which means it can be expensive. At the lower end of the scale be prepared to pay out $3000 to $4000. For upscale surgeries, the male breast reduction cost can rise up to $5000 to $7000 or more.

If you’re the couch potato type and you want to lose man boobs fast, then gyno surgery is the quickest solution. With surgery the results should be permanent, but there’s no 100% guarantee.

The major drawback is the cost. As pointed out earlier, expect to pay out between $3000 to $7000 or more.

Getting rid of gynecomastia is a relief from embarrassment in many men, especially in situations where they have to remove their shirts in public. However, with surgery, you may lose the breasts but you also gain unsightly scarring. This kinda cancels out the benefits. Something worth bearing in mind before making a decision.

Gyno surgery is a major operation that involves cutting into the flesh. This will always increase the risk of infection and if not treated properly can lead to more serious health complications.

The fact is, there are less expensive and safer options to getting rid of gynecomastia and you owe it to yourself to think carefully before committing to surgery. Gynecomastia may not be life threatening but it can cause shame and unhappiness. Even though you’re goal is to lose the man boobs this shouldn’t be at the expense of your overall health.

How To Get Rid Of Gyno Without Surgery

A common question many men ask is how to lose man boobs naturally

Fortunately, there are a number of options available with gynecomastia creams being one of the most popular natural breast reduction solutions. This isn’t surprising as topical creams are readily available, easy to apply and one of the cheapest methods to reduce enlarged male breasts.

The only downside is that you won’t get instant results. It takes time and several applications to begin seeing noticeable reductions. Also, results can vary, depending on the quality of ingredients used and how effectively the skin absorbs the cream.

There is a huge range of gynecomastia treatment creams to choose from. The most effective on is Gynexol. This cream is specially formulated and clinically proven to combat the effects of gynecomastia by melting away excess fat cells surrounding the breast tissue.

You’ll be glad to hear there are no reported side effects with this product because it is 100% natural. Gynexol uses a combination of aloe vera, vitamin A (retinol) and ginkgo biloba. Furthermore, the product is formulated in an FDA approved facility.

Male breast reduction pills offer another effective solution to guys suffering from the effects of gynecomastia. As with creams, pills for male chest reduction contain ingredients specially formulated to reduce male chest fat.

In addition, ingredients are selected for their ability to be absorbed quickly and to burn off fat around the pectoral area.

As with creams there is a huge choice of gyno pills available with varying degrees of quality. Ideally, take time researching the effectiveness of the product before you buy any gynecomastia supplements.

There are also potential side effects to consider. For example, chemicals contained in prescription pills for male chest reduction increase the risk of side effects. However, supplements containing natural ingredients generally have fewer or no side effects at all.

If you prefer taking pills to rubbing cream on your chest, then we recommend a supplement – specifically formulated with natural ingredients – for gynecomastia called Gynexin Alpha Formula. These breast reduction pills for men have been on the market for 8 years and have an impressive success rate of 99% in reducing man boobs.

The key to Gynexin success is its ingredients and how they are proportioned. Containing green tea extract, theobromine cacao, guggulsterone, scaleorides and chromium picolinate,

Gynexin reduces the number and size of fat cells surrounding the breast tissue.

The ingredients are scientifically proportioned to boost your metabolism and accelerate fat burning. But that’s not all, as it also lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels in the blood.

Although Gynexin Alpha Formula has a high success rate it is not a miracle gynecomastia cure. If you’re expecting your male breasts to melt away simply by popping a few pills you will be disappointed.

Although Gynexin Alpha Formula has a high success rate it is not a miracle gynecomastia cure. If you’re expecting your male breasts to melt away simply by popping a few pills you will be disappointed.

To get the best out of this product, you need to eat a low fat healthy diet, take regular exercise and Gynexin Alpha Formula will take care of the rest.

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