Get Rid of Man Boobs: Causes, Solution, Best Natural Treatment for Gynecomastia

Men with boobs suffer constantly and are consistently looking for the best ways or methods how to get rid of man boobs, without complication .

I know having Gynecomastia (man boobs or moobs) could promote being ridiculed, laughed at, or ignored in the public eye, which may often hamper self confidence.

If you find yourself spending more and more time at home, not wanting to go outside because of the stares or snickers from people when you walk by because of those wobbly chest, then this article may help!

If you are to the point that you find yourself avoiding the public more and more, or are becoming depressed, or even get frustrated with yourself every time you pass a mirror, then it’s time to take the bull by the horn!

First we are advocating natural solutions to getting rid of man boobs permanently and even have a firmer manly chest you will be proud to show off.

Yes, gynecomastia treatment without surgery is not only possible, could also be your own best route to take.

Some Causes of Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

While most cases of Gynecomastia are related to excess weight, a few cases are actually a medical condition.

According to the Mayo Clinic , Gynecomastia may be a result of hormone changes. It is seen in teenagers, but it is seen mostly in men between 50-80 years old.

About 1 in 4 men suffer from this condition.

Medications may be the cause also. Medicines used to treat anxiety, heart problems, prostate conditions, and more. Even antibiotics can cause man boobs.

Believe it or not, alcohol, marijuana, and other street drugs are known to cause man boobs.

To make sure that your problem isn’t medical related, you should

visit your doctor. He/She will probably take blood tests, or send you for a mammogram. (Yes, men DO have mammograms!)

As long as medical causes are ruled out, you can get rid of man boobs – and much faster than you think!

So, where to start? Here are some of the most popular ways that men are losing their man boobs.

Man Boobs Workout and Exercises
If you are one of the men with breasts, and seriously seeking how to get rid of man boobs, then you should consider these workouts:

There are various exercises for man boobs you can embark upon to reduce the wobbly chest and possibly achieve some firmness.

Vital TIPS:

Please remember to warm up (stretch) before exercising, and cool down (stretch) after exercising. This will help to avoid tearing tendons and ligaments.

  • Push-ups:

The most common type is to put your hands and toes on the floor, and push your body up, completely parallel to the floor. (If you find that you cannot do pushups in the classic position, you can do them with your knees on the floor instead of your toes.)

Another type of pushup that you can do is to put your hands on an elevated surface. (A couch, for example.)

Again, if you can’t do them with your toes on the floor, then do them with your knees on the floor. The more you do them, the easier it will get.

  • Jumping Rope:

Although it helps to have an actual jump rope, you don’t have to buy one. You can just follow the same movements. As you’re jumping, be sure to keep your knees bent slightly and jump with the balls of your feet instead of your whole foot.

  • Weight Training:

Helps to stimulate the chest muscles. Most effective is the dumbbell press. Lying on the bench, using weights that you can easily push up. Put your hands so that they are in the middle of your chest, then move them down to your sides. (Up and down movements.)

  • Running / Jogging:

Excellent for burning calories. If you’re not used to exercise, you can jog for a few minutes and then walk for a few minutes. Try doing this for about 20 – 30 minutes a day. Increase your jogging time each time you do this exercise.

  • Swimming:

Swimming is a low impact exercise that burns calories, strengthens you heart, makes you breathe easier, and tones your whole body instead of just your chest area. There are many more benefits to swimming also.

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More Workout and Exercises to Consider

Do 30 – 60 minutes ofcardio exercises a day (i.e. swimming, jogging, and walking). This will help to burn calories.

Push-ups will strengthen your chest muscles evenly. Figure out how many you can do without hurting yourself, and do them 2 – 3 times a week. After you get used to doing them, you can add more push-ups to your workout.

Jumping rope – work yourself up to doing 10 – 15 minutes a day.

As you begin to get more fit, and your body can handle more activity, slowly add other exercises as mentioned above.

Get Rid of Man Boobs with Gynecomastia Surgery?

Surgery is definitely NOT recommended, unless your moobs are caused by a medical condition and/or extremely severe, which is very rare.

Even then, doctors are hesitant because there are too many risks involved. One of the worst risks are having complications with the anesthesia.

Many surgeries have had complications, and have had bad results, especially with scarring. Not only that, but the surgery is very expensive and health insurance won’t cover the cost – they call it a cosmetic surgery.

Another disadvantage of male breast reduction surgery is having to take time off of work to recover, thus losing money, the discomfort with recovery, and having to spend time in the hospital.

Gynecomastia Pills and Creams

The fastest, most effective way to naturally get rid of man moobs, and the solution that many men opt for, is to take breast reduction pills.

They’re much cheaper than surgery, are much safer than surgery, they don’t leave scars, and the results are seen so much faster.

Since there are so many of these pills on the market, how can you choose the right one for you? A lot of breast reduction pills on the market only have a few ingredients that work to burn fat, not build muscle.

There are pills that burn fat AND build muscle, but some also have a lot of dangerous chemicals added to them, some of which are toxic. Who wants to put toxins into their bloodstream?

There are also breast reduction creams to get rid of man boobs, which may irritate your skin so badly that it turns red and swollen.

Many of the breast reduction pills and creams are illegal, and some can have very serious side effects, some even causing death.

Gynectrol Pills: Safest Man Boobs Treatment

However, Gynectrol is one of the extremely few premium natural man reduction or treatment pills that have proven reliable over the years.

It’s the perfect man boobs reduction without surgery.

All of the ingredients in it are highly proven effective fat burners and muscle builders, and they are blended in a way that makes them work faster.

You will see even faster Gynectrol results when you combine Gynectrol pills with exercise.

In few weeks, you will not only reduce or eliminate the mobs, see promoting a firm chest you can finally show off. Click here to read our full detailed Gynectrol review

So what’s in Gynectrol that’s so great?

Here are just a few of the ingredients that are in it, and why they are so effective as arguable the best man boobs treatment.

  • Green tea extract – a highly effective fat loss supplement, and a great source of antioxidants, which will strengthen your immune system.
  • Guggulsterones – stimulates your thyroids.
  • Chromium – improves blood sugar levels, burns fat, and builds muscle.
  • Caffeine – boosts metabolism , boost not only your energy levels, but also lets you focus better.

The above are just a few of the all-natural ingredients in Gynectrol in helping men to lose man boobs – without side effects.

Each ingredient is a powerful fat burner. Some are also muscle builders.

Some strengthen your immune system, and others help to raise testosterone levels.

There are no doctor prescriptions, they are pills – nothing to inject into your system – no toxic chemicals to worry about, and no side effects.

In conclusion, when you are sick and tired of being looked down upon, or teased and laughed at -when you want to stop being embarrassed about your ‘man boobs’ and you are ready to have a masculine chest that you can be proud of, follow the advice about and get ready to see those man boobs disappear – for good!

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