Looking at the top bodybuilders posing on the professional stage and smiling to the auditory, it’s difficult to imagine how much insanely hard work and real suffering stand behind their excellent performances.

Bodybuilding makes a person stronger, forces to deny any bad habits, to keep balanced dieting and healthy sleeping. However, professional sport rarely makes a bodybuilder healthier.

Perhaps, one of the most often and most understandable reasons for that is the preparation for numerous professional competitions. The preparation itself may take a few weeks only, however, it is incredibly hard and even dangerous. The competition is always great stress. The preparation may influence both physical and mental health of a sportsman.

Kevin Vreeburg is a promising German bodybuilder who decided to share his own experience of preparation for professional competitions. Kevin told that being a complete newbie years ago he could hardly imagine what it could take to prepare for a contest. That’s why he decided that his honest story could be useful for young sportsmen and those who think about the preparation for their first professional contest.

The bodybuilder told that he had around 5% of fat before each competition and every time he felt the negative effects of having his body so lean. The sportsman tells that having little fat leads to having almost no energy.

It was always hard to keep training days before the important contest. The only desire Kevin has these days is to stay in his bed till lunchtime, however, he understands if he misses another training, he misses a chance to show a good result.

Other things that may suffer are your social life, your family, your relationships.

“You can become quite selfish if you are not careful and that is something I caught myself last year. Relationships come under tension, social opportunities are at a low level and the goal comes first.”.

Kevin says that pre-competition stress can be very dangerous for one’s mental health and inner balance. However, it can also be a very special type of pleasure.

“I love the adrenaline of a competition. The moment at which you can show what you have worked so hard for is brutal but gives a great rush. A rush that you soon want more of.”.

The bodybuilder says that no matter how stressful the preparation for the contest is, the hardest time can come after the competition. When you prepare for a contest, you are attracted by a certain goal and driven by your ambitions. However, when the competition is over, you are left with your health issues, tiredness and a bunch of problems that have to be solved. There is nothing that makes you work hard another day. And often, there’s the disappointment in addition.

This can be a real test for a person. Kevin says that the effective solution for post-competition depression is setting new goals that can be connected to the sport or to other life issues.


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