Elli Steel From Great Britain Wins Gold at the Western European Powerlifting Championships in Norway

Elli Steel lives in Ampfield and works at AH Cheater in Romsey, North Baddesley, lifter a total of 523.5 kg at 56.93kg bodyweight.

The powerlifter squatted 207.5kg, deadlifted 175kg, and bench pressed a European record, which made her the best overall lifter in the competition.

Moreover, the woman achieved over 600 wilks points. The Wilks Formula is applied to measure the strength of one powerlifter against another one despite the different weights of the lifters.

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Western European Cup 2018! @titanpower81

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Ellie said with a smile: “This is a huge achievement for me and something I have been pushing towards for over a year.”“There are currently only two other people in the UK to have over 600 wilks points – and they are both men.”

Steel has achieved massive respect from British Powerlifting, according to their Twitter post: “This amazing competition puts Ellie up in the lofty heights with Dean Bowring and Tony Cliffe, British Powerlifting legends. “The girl with the biggest equipped wilks in British Powerlifting history! Congratulations Ellie, you deserve it!”



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